2012 MRP S4 limited edition carbon fiber chainguide

MRP has a limited edition, full carbon fiber chainguide / bashguard called the S4 Carbon. How limited? Just 62 units will be made worldwide, so get ready to part with two and a half Benjamins quickly iffa y’ant one.

MRP says the carbon outer ring resists impacts but will flex slightly upon impact. The back plate is full carbon, too, and uses their captured hardware and everything else the non-carbon versions have. Except the weight.

But that’s not even the coolest thing from their booth…

2012 MRP S4 limited edition carbon fiber chainguide

2012 MRP S4 limited edition carbon fiber chainguide

2012 MRP G2SL SRAM single spiderless chainring with single speed chainguide

MRP’s new Micro G2 SL shrinks the regular G2 guides to work with a max 32T ring and minimum 28T. Upper and lower guides are adjustable with captured hardware like the regular models, too. Weight and pricing TBD, should be ready by first of the year at latest.

That’s cool and all, but they’re also playing with a spiderless chainring…which is what you see mounted up here. They’re still just prototyping and deciding which options they’ll offer, but for now they’re developing it for the X0 DH cranksets. In that case, it’ll work with X9 and X7 cranks, too.

2012 MRP G2SL SRAM spiderless chainring and singlespeed chainguide

SRAM’s cranksets have interchangeable (aka removable) spiders, so they’re doing this to make a smaller single ring than what’s currently available. Shimano’s cranks used fixed spiders, so they can make a smaller ring to fit the 88BCD if the demand is there, but for now they’re just working on a SRAM version with 28, 30 and 32 tooth rings. It’s aimed at 29ers that wanna run a 1×10 and downhillers. In the pic on the right, the chainring bolts directly to the crankarm (click to enlarge).

2012 MRP S3 chainguides get a new e-Mount option

For 2012, the S3 single speed chainguide will get an E-Mount option.

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