Having a publicly available email address means tons of spam.  I often find myself cleaning out our BikeRumor email box and trashing everything from messages in foreign languages to press releases that have nothing to do with cycling.  However, once in a while we get a gem in the inbox.  Today I came across a pretty cool note from Mike Ahrens of Ahrens Bicycles in Scotts Calley, CA.

Mike works with Travis Kaschalk of Hit N Run Designs to produce his WiseCracker LITE bottle openers.  Travis has a couple of his own products as well.  The newest of which is the AXIS Direct Mount System.

For the full details and another image you know what to do.


The AXIS Direct Mount System is a direct mount stem designed for use on a single crown forks.  It has a super short stack height at just 19mm to help keep the front end of your bike as low as possible. The design is lightweight too, coming in at 187g for the setup.  The lower plate clamps to a standard 1 1/8th steer tube using a single M8 pinch bolt.  Once in place, the Direct Mount stem clamps are held in place with four M6 stainless bolts.  As Mike points out in his blog, one nice benefit of this system is that it frees up the center of your bar to mount your light, computer, GPS, etc.  Also, as it has a wider clamp section, it seems like a good way to keep things stiff for those that run a wide bar.

As for the rest of the numbers, the clamp section comes in at 31.8mm (35mm may be on the horizon?).  The length from the center of the steer tube to the center of the bar is 45mm.  Cost is set at an introductory price of $90 for the AXIS Direct Mount bottom plate, and $70 for the 45mm Direct Mount Stem Clamp.  If you wait until after January, prices go up to $120 and $100 respectively. For ordering info head over to the Ahrens blog post.



  1. Chris on

    I agree with Jon. Defeats the whole purpose of direct mount stems in the first place. No added benefits come from this seeing as the plate is still clamped to the steerer tube.

  2. rico suave on

    They might want to rethink those stainless bolts, stainless steel/aluminum is about the worst combination for galvanic corrosion you can get.

  3. Gillis on

    @rico suave: ss bolts in aluminum are fairly standard. First, most aluminum (bike) parts are anodized. Second, as long as the bolts are greased properly this is a non issue regardless of anodization.

    As with the others here I find this stem utterly pointless with all the looks and none of the benefit of a proper direct mount stem. To top it off the clamps are not open and therefore need to be slid on from one side.

  4. gabe on

    Dear lord thats a bad idea! Does anyone else hear think that there is a bloody good reason traditional stems bolt onto more than 10mm of steerer, using at least two bolts? The leverage this thing would apply to your steerer is horrible. Whoever designed this, seriously…go back to engineering college. If you ever went there in the first place. I dont mean to be rude, but this needs to be said. This system will almost certainly result in someone getting a jagged torn off steerer implanted directly into their face. Please, please do not put this on the market. Some idiot may buy one and you will be in for the lawsuit from hell.

  5. gabe on

    Final post i promise.
    First a correction: I see it bolts onto 19mm of steerer. Although this is more than the 10mm I previously mentioned, it is still not nearly enough. Not even close.

    Secondly, after looking at your website I see you already have a hell of a disclaimer set up. For those who havent seen it, here it is:

    “HIT-N-RUN DESIGNS makes no guarantees or representations express or implied, regarding the fitness of its products for any particular purpose, further HIT-N-RUN DESIGNS makes no guarantees or representations express or implied, regarding the extent to which its products protect individuals or property from injury or death or damage.”

    Haha, no guarantees regarding the fitness of this product for ANY purpose. Well, Im glad thats clear. IMO calling something a stem is in itself an implication that this is fit for the purpose of holding your bars on. Had you called it the “Hit n Run Axis Direct Mount Paperweight” I would have felt no need to comment.

    • Jun on

      Whoa! Luvin the idea . I was browsing google since my old 454pike steerer tube cracked today.had to cut it down now its short for my recent stem. Finding a short stack height stem is tough .this is the fix for steer tube too short!! Hmmm now where to buy one!?

  6. demosx on

    f******off haters i know the guy who makes this and i ride with him and i fit my bike with the axis direct mount and im happy with the setup and feel and before some one said i got paid to post here no i post here because i hate people that have never buy or try something and talk shit about it

  7. HIT-N-RUN on

    @ Gary,

    first of all your accusations are quite ignorant, not to mention you already have the specs wrong in the first place. are you basing your facts of your first hand experience & knowledge as being an engineer yourself or on the release of a liability disclaimer? no company can guarantee a product for it’s fitness. how many bike frames have you broke while riding them or handle bars bending upon a crash impact? i’ve seen forks snap right underneath riders that i know probably exceed way beyond your riding abilities that were built around extreme types of riding conditions (FOX 831). the Atherton direct mount stems break on a regular basis, they’re still being sold.

    this product has been tested for 3 years now among many riders under extreme riding conditions (Ben Cruz being one of them) & in house testing with special fixtures way stiffer than any bike for strength & fatigue failure analysis along with blunt forced testing… not one has yet to fail, nor has a forks steer tube been jeopardized. so i guess according to you, all of my customers are idiots who bought this product. funny thing is, everyone of them has loved it so far, they haven’t resulted in “someone getting a jagged torn off steerer implanted directly into their face” (wow that comment was so dramatic, did you calculate that in physics?) & even Brent Foes has given props on this design.

    next time you want to toot your horn about a product you don’t know a thing about, maybe you should try it or research it a lot more first. i would gladly give you a free 90 day trial to try this yourself just to prove you wrong. if you don’t like it, send it back. cheers!


  8. Joe on

    Well said Travis, Im trying to find a optional stem for the foxy XR, I think using this with Mondrakers 10mm Dh clamps I can run the same size stem. Where can I get one to try ?

  9. Travis on

    7 years later, the AXIS continues to be a successful component! These have evolved into a popular aid for fixing the “steer tube too short” syndrome instead of buying new uppers or a complete fork, which was never my design intention in the first place.



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