Lying seductively in a bed of coffee beans at this year’s Interbike show, Norco’s house brand Axiom were displaying a couple of the more interesting mini pumps I’ve seen.  Not fundamentally different from anything else on the market, the contrast between anodized/knurled and machined surfaces caught my eye.  Satisfying to hold, the Blastair HPL (high pressure long?) and HVL (high volume long?) mini pumps felt nicer than their $40-ish retail price would suggest.  Click though for a head details…

Nothing crazy- just what appear to be a well-made pumps with nicely thought out contact points.  There’s a lot to be said for that…


  1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! put a fking hose on your hand pumps people these things are worthless. the best portable pump i have ever owned is a 20 doller bell pump from walmart gauge+hose+rubber padding on the bottom so you can actually pump your tire to 100psi. it looks like sht but it works.

  2. …and to think all those years I used Zefals without hoses to successfully inflate tires. If I’d only known that such pumps were worthless!

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