MSC Ergo Foam Grips are lightweight ergonomic mountain bike grips

MSC Bikes just sent over a note about their new Ergo Grip, a foam grip with a comfort bulge that tips in at just 11g.

The raised area in the center claims to better fill the palm of your hand, allowing better wrist alignment and blood flow, as well as more surface contact area for better pressure distribution. If that doesn’t appeal to you, or you have smaller hands, they have a traditional foam grip that’s only 9g. Both are €11.

They also recently announced their new stem and carbon handlebar. Check it after the break…

MSC Ultralight II carbon fiber XC mountain bike handlebar

The MSC Ultralight II carbon fiber handlebar is a Euro-pleasing 580mm wide XC bar (although you’ll notice “All Mountain” printed on it above) that includes marks for cutting it down to a mere 540mm should you desire:

The bar is made of high modulus carbon fiber and is completely designed (along with the molds) in house with design assistance from AMADE materials testing center. The result is a 97g handlebar that claims to exceed CEN testing and dampen vibrations. It has textured surfaces where the stem clamps and is approved for bar ends. Price is €124.

MSC Ultralight Stem comes in at 96g with ti bolts and an enclosed handlebar clamp

The MSC Ultralight Stem was redesigned with a closed handlebar clamp, using just two titanium bolts on the bottom to secure the bar. They say this keeps it stiffer and stronger while reducing weight to a mere 96g for the 100mm length. It also means you’ll have to slide the bar in from one side (like with Ritchey’s new C260 stems) before putting the shifter pod, brake lever and grip on, but that’s the price you pay for weight weenie stardom.

Retail is just €69 and it’s available in 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120mm lengths.


  1. To be fair, 580mm isn’t that narrow in the context of ultra-light flat bars, still wider than an Easton EC90, presumably their bars are “useless” as well?

    Have to say I’d not touch them with a barge pole though. Too many broken frames for me to trust their handlebars!

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