It seems like every time you turn around Giro has a new product, and with an ever expanding catalog that may not be far from true. Some of their latest goods showed up recently, including their newest MTB helmet, the Feature, some fancy new waterproof gloves, and even some socks! So are the goods worthy of the Giro name? Read on to find out.

The Feature is meant to be an easy choice for the more aggressive riders out there, which is clearly demonstrated by how much more material there is compared to other helmets. The additional protection does impart a noticeably odd look to the helmet, though it tends to grow on you over time. Compared to other Giro helmets I have worn with the RocLoc retention system, the InForm fit system seems to scoop the back of your head forward into the front of the helmet securing it in place. This feels quite different than other fit systems, but hasn’t proven to be an issue so far. A possibly unintended benefit of the InForm system is that you are able to fit full size winter hats underneath and still snug up the helmet. While I am usually a stock Giro medium fit, on the Feature I had to adjust the InForm cradle to its smallest position which dramatically improved the fit.

First attempts at putting on sunglasses will likely be thwarted by how far the helmet comes down over the temples – until you realize that there is a channel built inside the helmet to accommodate your shades. A nice touch for added protection. Anyone who has previously worn a Giro Remedy will appreciate the Feature’s visor system which is almost identical. With a large thumb screw holding it down at the front, the visor resists unwanted movement and should hold up better than a typical visor in a crash.

At any angle, it is clear that Feature offers a little bit extra in terms of protection. While it won’t win any awards for being the most ventilated helmet, the Feature rewards you instead with increased confidence. On a recent trip to Ray’s MTB Milwaukee, I used the Feature for the entire time I was there. This was the first time I had ridden anything other than a multi-impact skate lid, and it felt completely natural and safe. Weighing in at 330 grams for a Medium, the Feature is admirably light for so much coverage.

If you’re looking for more protection without going full face, the $75.00 Feature could be the answer.


Gloves are nothing new to Giro, but the Pivot is a new winter glove. The Pivot is a fleece lined, waterproof glove that is designed to offer all the warmth and protection you need, without being bulky. Thanks to a combination of a Hipora waterproof membrane and a Pertex waterproof, breathable soft shell upper the Pivot is built to be a cold and wet performer. With a retail of $69.99, the Pivot isn’t cheap, though most waterproof gloves aren’t.

In addition to the weather protection, the Pivot has all the features you expect in a great winter glove: soft wiper thumb, just a bit of padding on the palm, and Clarino palm and silicone grippers so you can keep your grip. The X-Static fleece liner bunches up a bit when you are putting the glove on, though after a few seconds it’s nice and secure with quite a bit of dexterity. Of all the winter gloves I have tried, the Pivot’s fit is up there with the best. Now for some true winter weather to really test them out…

Yup, Giro has socks now, too. These socks in particular are their Seasonal wool models with a 6 inch cuff. According to Giro’s website, they are a Merino-wool blend made in Italy, and according to my feet they are incredibly comfortable and warm. Stylish without being gaudy, and warm without being bulky, what’s not to love?



  1. that helmet is U G L Y!!!!!
    looks like an equestrian lid….
    they got it right with the xen and have been pedaling backwards ever since… my opinion.

  2. hmm…new helmet design? try again. looks like a weak copy of POC’s Trabec Race.
    agree w/ andrew – the xen seems to have been the peak.

  3. i love the look of the new feature!!! reminds me of my old semi mx, and i cant wait for mine to arrive! also ive never had any issues getting spares for giro! one reason i always use their lids

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