If you missed out on the chance to win a Ahrens Cycles’ Wisecracker earlier, Paul has another cycling related bottle opener for you, though this one isn’t attached to the bike.  Just in time for the holidays, Paul has introduced a beautifully anodized and CNC’d Bottle opener. Not content with it simply being “just” a bottle opener, the opposite end of the lever holds a 15mm brake spring adjuster. In typical Paul fashion, the bottle opener is impeccably machined from 6061 aluminum stock, and then anodized in silver, black, and festive red and green, all for just $15 while supplies last!

Based on Paul Component’s description on their site, they definitely have a sense of humor, check it out after the break.

Paul is quick to point out: Beverage not included!

From Paul:

Here at the plant we make a wide variety of bike parts. The hubs and brake levers pay the bills to keep the lights on, but our real passion lies in bottle opener design.

This latest iteration pushes the envelope as far as prying off bottle caps goes, and we consider it a fairly significant breakthrough in the area of beverage accessibility.

There’s a bottle opener on one end, a 15mm brake spring adjuster on the other, and 56g of cool 6061 aluminum in between.

For the holidays season, Bottle Openers will be available with a festive red or green anodization in addition to the regular silver and black, while supplies last.

Black and silver Bottle Openers are currently sold out, but should be back in the next few months.


  1. Overpriced? King and Phil are over priced, Paul’s got some awesome hubs for half the price of the rest. Put down the bong and at least click on the link so you can say “overpriced” rather than “probably overpriced”.

  2. i agree with Dan.
    Paul stuff is generally well thought out, well made, and reasonably priced, especially when you consider it’s designed and made by him, here in the US. I dont think Paul is flying up to the 1% making his stuff.

  3. yeah lets buy chinesse it’s cheaper. paul makes great stuff as do king and phil, but if you want to buy your bikes direct bike and look like a fred be my guest.

  4. Robin2—+3–you need to put the bong down, bro. My Soulcraft singlespeed has Paul Component Hubs that are truly an amazing value and quality for what you get. I have abused these hubs in nasty NW conditions for 8+ years-riding in snow, rain, mud–you name it–and the hubs are still running like they are brand new. the Paul Comp hubs have never had a problem and i like to support USA companies. You get what you pay for!

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