2012 Cannondale EVO with Campagnolo Super Record SRM power meter by Pista Palace

Pista Palace has sent over some beautiful custom bikes in the past (here, here and here), but they’ve all been import brands with their own paint schemes and over the top builds.

This time, they took their love of Campy and mashed up a Cannondale SuperSix EVO road frame like those ridden by Team Liquigas. Justin Beope, who works at the shop and has been team director for SKLZ p/b Pista Palace, sent the pics. That team picked up Rahsaan Bahati in 2011 after the pro rider’s eponymous team fell apart…and Bahati also rode Cannondale, giving this project a little more close-to-home ties.

The build here comes in at just 12.8 pounds with no rider weight limit and -wait for it- clincher wheels and an SRM power meter! Read on to see how they did it…

2012 Cannondale EVO with Campagnolo Super Record SRM power meter by Pista Palace

All following text is from Justin:

So we were a little bummed when the Liquigas team no longer rode on Campy. Bummed because this meant that Cannondale would no longer offer a bike with Campagnolo on it. So……we decided that something must be done!

When looking at the Cannondale EVO Ultimate priced at $12,100 we just felt that we needed to spruce that bike up a bit. Most of our customers don’t by tubulars and so, presto!…Lightweight clinchers! And though the Liquigas green is a bit played out, we ordered custom Fizik Aliante carbons direct from Italy. Green Nokon and white Power Cordz brake and shift our little feather. And since this is a go big or go home type of build, we added the new version of the Hollowgram SRM. We say new version because the spider accommodates the PF30 bottom bracket on the EVO. But wait….there’s more….You will see stainless hometown hero Speedplay pedals on this bugger. And lastly, the incredibly elusive Lightweight rear derailleur.

2012 Cannondale EVO with Campagnolo Super Record SRM power meter by Pista Palace

Now then. We could easily have went with a lighter seatpost, saddle, pedals, tubulars, bar, stem, etc. But we think that 12.8 lbs as shown is light enough. With clinchers, with an SRM, and with a saddle that won’t smoosh your nuts. And nothing on this bike is that AX Lightness/Shmolke/Fear-Of-Fragility stuff. Every part on this bike is proven and comes without a weight limit.

2012 Cannondale EVO with Campagnolo Super Record SRM power meter by Pista Palace

Our price? $13,100. A thousand dollars more than the Ultimate. But the EVO-PP comes with clinchers, an SRM, and a look that we think is a bit cooler.


  1. 13K bike here, and a 20K dogma below.
    Bikes didn’t use to cost this much, even for high end bikes.
    What happened? I thought moving manufacturing to China was supposed to reduce the cost.

  2. Another prime example of a shop that should not build high end bikes, incredibly poor attention to detail especially on a bike of that caliber.

  3. Normally I wouldn’t nit-pick, but a bike of this caliber should not have so many conflicting colors. One can’t help but notice and it becomes the weakest link of the build, aesthetically. If the green can’t all be of the same shade, it shouldn’t be attempted. Not entirely the Palace’s fault though, because not all manufacturers of “Liquigas green” parts are on the same page. Of course, it’s still a stunner by birth.

  4. A buddy of mine called me as soon as you posted this. I have been having this recurring dream of a super 6 evo built with electronic campy. This build sent shivers down my spine.

  5. im not sure the saddle is a Test Saddle. it has carbon rails. it could be a custom, or “your way” or whatever fizik calls their color option program, saddle.
    i could be wrong. i just havent ever seen a test saddle with carbon rails.
    the tape is crap, though. behind the lever bodies and at the finishing tape.

  6. Seriously, you guys see a build like this and critique the wrap job? Enjoy the art of the bicycle and the extravagance that you’ll never be able to afford and just go with it.

  7. Is there an art to quasi-matching colors? I’m not sure exactly what Pista Palace did that was artful. It doesn’t take any artful effort to pic lightweight components. There’s nothing new about what they’ve done on this bike. It’s a lime green accented Cannondale. That’s all. I’ve seen 5 year-olds achieve better artistry with paper dolls. All that Pista Palace has done, in the words of the hipsters and marketing heads, is “curate” a bike, and I mean “curate” in the same loving way that the BikeSnob uses it.

  8. You can criticise tha bartape but I still think this is a beautiful bike. Can’t afford it, never will, just like the Spyker Aileron. These are objects to admire and dream about.

  9. people will find anything to bitch about out of pure jealousy knowing their crappy carbon bike that they think is light and stiff isn’t up to par with this beast

  10. A poor tape job shows a lack of professionalism. For a 13k show bike every detail should be attended to it is the “right way” to do things. Finishing details like that make it feel like a tawdry, nouveau riche, display rather than a beautiful, elegant display of finesse.

  11. hhhaahhhaa all you haters get the stick out of your a**. Justin killed it with this build. Bunch of F%ckin Fairwheel lovin mothers you guys are. SICK BUILD with more thought put in to it .It’s a bike for some one who has a set of balls, not a frickin pillow fighting ninny. You barnys probably can’t even wrap handle bars. Cheers Justin!

  12. I find the comments about the bartape humorous. Please post a pic your pics of better build bikes that are YOURS, not a customers. I think it would be beneficial to the forum to see all those bar tape wrappings. I really would like a step by step guide. In turn, I will show your guys how to set up a Lightweight rear derailleur. Though it is something you’ll never do, knowledge is power! Just bring your bike in with the derailleur and I will tune it up for free. And the saddle is far from a test saddle. It is simply something you have not seen before. By virture of the fact they are the only ones made to date. I don’t know if it will match your velocity rims (or at least the green one), so you better stick to something else.

  13. That bike is sick! You guy are a joke to bag on that bike that is sub 13 pounds with clinchers and SRM. People are talking about how the bars are wrapped! GET REAL! If you are ragging on this bike it is because you are either to slow or poor to own it! I love how chris was posting comments about bar wrap at 11 am Christmas morning, get a life! Great job Pista Palace! Thanks for sharing.

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