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Photo submitted by Koen Domus, “UK Coast 2 Coast.”

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  1. Almost certain it’s going from Ennerdale Lake to Buttermere, over the tops.
    We did it last year, and I took almost exactly the same picture, Just looked at it, and the peaks in the distance follow the same profile.
    The lake is either the southern tip of Crummock, or the northern tip of Buttermere, probably Crummock.
    Picture taken just North of floutern tarn (perhaps on a few hundred metres), search for it on Google Maps and choose terrain view.
    Picture is broadly looking West to East.

  2. Chris, Ah, your taking the Mick.
    I though you were serious, the lake actually can be seen, just a little dot in the picture in the distance, in the valley in the top right corner.


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