2012 magura RT8TT hydraulic brakes for time trial road bikes and triathlon bikes

The pieces are starting to come together fast and furious. The girl on the right seems awfully familiar, and this image comes courtesy of Magura’s Facebook page.

It’s said to be a photo shoot of the Magura RT8TT brakes. Break that down and you’ve got RT8, which is likely just a Road moniker for top of the line like their recently introduced MT8 mountain bike brakes with the Carbotecture composite body. TT is obviously Time Trial, and the rider’s position in the pic confirms that. Given the proximity of this tip with the spy shot of the Cervelo P5, well, we’re sure you can put the pieces together.

UPDATED: Another completely unrevealing photo after the break…

2012 Magura RT8TT hydraulic road brakes testing

This one is “one last test from CEO Thomas Raith himself and PM Stefan Pahl” posted on their Facebook page. We’re guessing this must be a normal RT8 (minus the TT) since it’s clearly on standard road bikes. If only we could use some magic Blade Runner photo zooming analysis…hurry up, future!