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OK, so most of us won’t see the 119kph in the screen capture above, but how much cooler would helmet cam video be with speed, G-forces, lap map, and lap time shown?  If your answer is “way cooler,” then Optrix’s iPhone mounts and $10 VideoPro app may well be for you.  Hit more for mount photos and the full release!

Austin, Texas – Optrix, designer of rugged mounts that transform your iPhone 4S/4/iPod Touch into an HD action sports camera, unveils the ultimate action video recording app, taking extreme action filming to another level by displaying and recording lap time, GPS track map, speed, g-force diagram and more.

Developed in conjunction with the creators of Harry’s Lap Timer, Optrix VideoPro provides a plethora of data without the need of purchasing expensive telemetry equipment. The added functionality opens up a new realm of reliving extreme experiences for racers, skateboarders, snowboarders, bikers, and more.

“The most exciting parts of most videos, how fast you’re going, how hard you hit or how far you leaned, are all lost with normal recording systems. For the first time ever, our app brings real time sports telemetry without having to purchase thousands of dollars of equipment,” stated John Willenborg, founder of Optrix.

The App is the perfect complement to the Optrix HD Sport, the first rugged weatherproof case and mount that allows easy shooting, editing and uploading of 1080P videos straight from your phone. Available in the App store for $9.99 starting mid January, the Optrix Video App is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch.


  1. RoyceB on

    correction: the display shows 119 kph, not mph (and converts to about 74mph) and is EASILY attainable when you’re riding your bike on the highway, drafting behind a semi, all while he is sticking his hand out the window to indicate his current speed to you

  2. Zap? on

    Royce, usually truckers indicate my speed in single digits with one finger when they are gesturing to me.

    I really hope I’m doing faster than 1 mph.

  3. Topmounter on

    And with that mount you can adjust it so you can clearly see your buddy getting dropped like a slab of rotten bacon, but not the taxi cab pulling you up the hill in San Francisco.

  4. Juan Martín Gutiérrez on

    Hey guys can you help me please i have The optrix video pro but i have a problem when i recording its all normal but when i see The video latter it see like a normal video of a iPhone video it doesn’t show The corner/straight speed ,The G-force,The lap time, The speed and The track map please help me send me to my Mail : help me guys pleaseeee


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