2012 Genesis Day One single speed disc brake cyclocross bike

Genesis has been an early adopter of disc brakes on cyclocross and touring bikes, showing us some beautiful steel examples across the price spectrum.

Now, they’ve added a singlespeed model called Day 01. Posted on their blog on a lark, it generated enough interest to make it onto the production roster for 2012. Essentially, it’s their Day 01 spec’d without the Alfine internal gear hub. Not a stretch to see this coming, really. It’ll be available this spring for £799. Frame is Reynolds 520 Steel and it’s spec’d with Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes, Alex rims and hubs, Shimano pedals and a mostly house-brand cockpit.


  1. LOL…

    Day 1 with BB7s was available whole last year. In orange paintjob. Cangratulations with your backfire guys 😀


  2. Ivan, are you talking about the orange Day 01 disc bike that is built with an Alfine 8 speed rear hub? If so I would say your comment is a backfire because bike rumor is talking about a single speed. Even if you are correct, you still sound like a jerk.

  3. The pleasure is mine Gentlemen :p

    What differance is in frame? Not a single one. Only change is SS rear wheel and lack of gears for hub.


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