It looks like Relaj’s several year journey from concept to delivery is nearing its end!  We’ve just heard from the company that final samples are on their way and that they’ve decided that they’re able to cut the modular bottle’s pricing by 20%, to $20.  Most recently spotted at last fall’s Interbike show, Relaj is nearing the perfection that they seek.  Hit the jump for another studio shot and the areo bottle’s high points…

From Interbike:

Completely disassemble-able and BPA-free, the Relaj Water Bottle has an extra-long nipple that’s designed to keep the bottle away from the face and out of the rider’s line of vision.  The funnel shape is also intended to reduce the need to tip the head back when fluid levels are low- both for safety and for those with a reduced range of motion.  The burp-type valve is removable for cleaning and an optional ice pack threads into the bottom cover.

We’re looking forward to get our mitts on a sample and report back on the Relaj Water Bottle’s promise…



  1. Don’t want to steal their glory, but for those that don’t know, your standard Specialized water bottle’s cap can be disassembled (wouldn’t try it on those bottles with inflexible nozzles). Just pull on the nozzle really hard. I find it necessary to clean them maybe once every 2 months, depending on how many bottles you use. A lot of nasty gunk builds up in there, especially if you drink your post-ride smoothie from your bottle (not recommended). I don’t find it necessary to have a bottle that unscrews at the bottom.

  2. Only problem I have with bottles is they eventually leak. This may be due to being put in the top rack of a dishwasher, but it is what I am going to do. Specialized bottles at a few bucks a piece work well until they start to leak. Leaking is what I view as the biggest problem with bottles. To me putting a removable bottom does nothing but increase the likelihood of this over time. I am already tired of sports drinks all over my frame or BB area with existing bottles. Any bottle which un screws from the bottom will not be on my buy list, no matter what the marketing is.

  3. Christophercules,

    Bear in mind that double-walled insulated bottles also give up capacity. My guess is more than Relaj’s ice pack. Of course, an ice pack won’t keep your water from freezing if it’s really cold where you are…

  4. looks like a great design. i am sure there will be no leaking issues as a thin rubber is probably what they use to solve that. the opening from the bottom would sure be nice to have as my bottles can get quite nasty, especially with those sugary sports drinks. the only thing i question is the price….

  5. I guess I just never really had a problem cleaning out my bottles with a good soak and a brush. While I understand some of the other elements of this bottle, I don’t see a need for removable bottom caps.

  6. Thank you, Marc, for posting about the Relaj water bottle. We were happy to see the responses from your readers and wanted to address a few. First, someone mentioned frustration with bottles leaking. We agree and have been very focused on making sure that ours will not leak, even from the bottom cap. We have put our bottle through extensive testing (hundred’s of turns, multiple dishwashings, etc) to ensure no degradation occurs to create leaks. There were several comments about cleaning bottles – the Relaj bottle is dishwasher safe – both top and bottom racks. Regarding the Ice Stick, I have to say this feature has been fun for us because of the attention it draws. But in all honesty, while it works well to keep water cooler longer, it was never intended to directly compete with insulated bottles, which work a little better in scorching heat. The ice stick displaces about 1.7 ounces of liquid when used, decreasing capacity from roughly 24 to 22 ounces. In addition to the safety factors Marc mentioned in his post, our main focus is performance – both the bottle’s and the rider’s. — Bruce Bernstein, CEO Relaj Inc.

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