45NRTH made a pretty big splash in the fat bike world when they introduced their Husker Du fatbike tire , and it appears they’re maintaining that momentum with the possibility of a new studded model as well. The prototype studded tire is based off the current 26 x 4.0 Husker Du and has 160 studs. 45NRTH mentions that the final product may have more studs, but at this point it is definitely still in the prototype stages.

If the studded Husker Du makes it to production, who’s interested?


  1. dave on

    Ain’t got a fat bike, because there haven’t been suspension forks or studded tires available. If this makes it into production, it might be enough to make me start saving for a Pugsley!

  2. Frank on

    That is going to be insanely heavy. When I finally get a ‘real’ fatbike this fall, I’m just going to get a second wheelset with 29er SnowCat rims. I can mount standard tires on that, or Nokian studded tires. When riding on frozen lakes or trails, you don’t need the float fat tires provide.

  3. Astro on

    I would buy a pair for me and the wife in heartbeat. More studs! This is what fatbikes have been missing! When is gets icy, off camber, steep…. the studs are needed.

  4. Grip Studs on

    Thanks for the info and vid!

    The studded Husker Du certainly looks to be a great product. However, you don’t have to wait for a studded Fat Bike tire. It’s already here!

    Here at Grip Studs, we’ve been in the tire stud business for several years, supplying studs for motorcycles, heavy equipment, automotive, and now…Fat Bikes! With the ever increasing popularity of Fat Bikes we realized the need for a traction increasing solution in this market. The result is our #1000 Grip Stud for Fat Bikes!

    The Grip Stud provides a phenomenal traction improvement when operating on snow and ice. It is a Tungsten Carbide stud; the same design as we supply to heavy equipment operators. As a result it is extremely durable, though it is also very light. Grip Studs can be easily installed into most Fat Bike tires including the Nate, Larry, BFL and Endo.

    Feel free to contact us at 541-476-6065 or info@gripstuds.com if you’re interested in getting more information on this product!


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