Traffic Safety Facts 2009

The most recent report published by NHTSA tells us some important information. In America, 630 Pedacyclists were killed in 2009, twelve percent less than the 718 fatalities in 2008. We hope the numbers continue to drop, as each death is tragic for us all. Road ID, a company that creates cyclist identification products, has released a collection of videos highlighting safe riding methods. Each video is approximately a minute long and covers a span of topics including cornering, signaling, car hazards, group riding, and more. Watch the videos here.

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Coalition Between Three Advocacy Groups

Alliance for Bicycling & Walking, Bikes Belong Coalition, and League of American Bicyclists recently merged. They hope that together, they will have a greater impact on cycling growth. It seems to be a good idea as it concentrates resources and provides a more unified voice with larger numbers behind it. Granted, the new merge may complicate decision-making, but we’ll hope for the best. Original article at BikeBiz.


Cycling Chains Artwork Seo Young Deok

Seo Young Deok created some fantastic art from bicycle chains. One of his many pieces is featured above. The video below highlights a few other works in to this collection.

Giant Bicycle Tour Taiwan

With bicycle manufacture overseas spawning some controversy, we’ve found an article that concisely summarizes what is happening. The above image is from CanadianCyclist‘s tour of the Giant factory in Taiwan. The article from Inner Ring covers the effects of globalization, counterfeit frames, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) on the cycling industry.

Dealing With Road Rash In Cycling

We cyclists deal with quite a few injuries – road rash, saddle sores, and corneal abrasion to name a few. Remedies for these ailments, along with others are discussed in a recent post at The pictures used caught my attention as much as the article.

Bikes Belong recently spoke of a new endeavor, the Green Lane Project. They will work alongside city-planners to create greater cycling infrastructure. Six cities will be chosen to participate, Chicago being the only one named thus far. Lets all keep our fingers crossed. Read the plan here.


  1. Seo Young Deok’s sculpture’s made from bike bits are amazing. I think it’s the most beautifully done work I’ve seen… that uses bike bits, that is. Beyond the coolness of using bike bits, I think the work stands very well on its own as art. Chapeaux to Young Deok for his work and his artistic vision.

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