White Industries, famous for their beautiful chrome hubs, didn’t disappoint. On display at their booth were their splined track hubs. One side features their proprietary splined interface, which eliminates stripped cogs, while the other is traditionally threaded. These hubs are not necessarily new, but I hadn’t encountered them before. The hubs weigh 293 grams, and are drilled for 24, 28, 32, and 36 hole. The spindle is made of 174 stainless and cogs are available in 3/32 and 1/8th widths. Cogs are available in 13-20, previously the lowest cog was only a 14.

More awesome after the breakThe White Industries design came about as a result of a particularly gigantic rider who kept stripping hub shells. After developing this new interface, the company has not experienced any further issues. The polished chrome hub is complimented by the bronze axle nuts.

New at the show was a dual freewheel cog, perfect for those long rides, when you need a different gear ratio to get you up that long gradual climb and back home. These will be available in April and come in 20/22 combo. Like all of White Industries freewheels, these are made of 8620 steel, case hardened, and then electroless nickel plated.

Also on display at the show where new disc cassette hubs. Up top is a 130 mm spaced hub, for use on disc equipped road bikes with traditional rear spacing. Below is a new 142×12 hub, perfect for a new 29r wheelset. Both will also be available in black.

Overall, I was very impressed with White Industries offerings. In the past they’ve produced components which take a unique approach to improving existing tech, and this year was no exception. Check out the video to see how simple they’ve made the process of rebuilding their freewheels.


  1. Maxwell on

    I love White Industries. I built up a set of wheels with their hubs in 1994. I’m still rolling the front hub. The rear hub broke a few years ago and when my mechanic called to see about availability of parts they just said how about a new hub …your choice of models? So not only did they warranty a 16/17 year old hub, they gave me my choice of what I want to replace it with. I don’t know if this was a fluke or something, but that is just absolutely insanely beyond my wildest expectations for a warranty on a bike part. I have no idea how many miles the front hub has …like tens of thousands and on a bike that does leave the ground quite a bit. As a mater of fact it is the only part of the 1994 litespeed that is still alive today.

  2. Robin on

    I loves my White Industries hubs. That they’re going to be making a 130mm disc brake hub is great news for roadies that want more hub variety during this period of hub spacing uncertainty for disc equipped road bikes. I’ve been on WI hubs since 2005, and I love them. They’ve been durable, reliable, and dead sexy.

  3. Tom on

    Another White Industries fan! I have 4 of their cranksets, 1BB, 1 freewheel and 2 hubsets.

    The track hubs are fantastic. The splined interface is a great idea and I typically don’t like proprietary stuff like that, but it makes a lot of sense. I get that a lot of racers will use eachothers cogs at the track though, so adding the thread is a good idea. The flanges are so tall and beefy, I was so surprised when I first held them. Customer support is always good. Only product I’ve had a so-so experience was with their Ti BB (creakfest!), but other than that, extremely solid products.

    @Maxwell — That’s awesome!

  4. ss^2 on

    Could you guys please change the article to say White Industries? It’s the equivalent of saying that the name of this website is BicycleRumors.com.

  5. Dwight Kellams on

    In 2007 WI replaced the shell on my H2 rear hub even though I told them that I had purchased it used, hit a deep chuckhole HARD! and Dave Thomas at SpeedDream wheels said that the lacing he used at that time put too much stress on the hub and failures had resulted.


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