A demonstration of maximal effort for marginal gain. Mavic presents the tire from CAD image to final product. Featured in the video are Mavic’s Yksion Griplink and Powerlink tires on R-SYS SLR wheelsets. They claim research and development of the Yksion line took a whopping 3 years, 60 prototypes and 400 hours of lab and field testing. Also, throughout the video the camera pans to their never-ending herd of Cervelo C5 Aero-candies. We had one in the office for a while – a review of it here.


  1. JJ on

    and besides all the in-house testing, they also lend proto-type wheelsets to a courier company in Lausanne Switzerland (known to be one of the hardest cities in Europe to bike in because it’s all hills). it’s not uncommon to see the couriers zipping around town on R-Sys SLs!!


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