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taking training more seriously

Given our intention to take our 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo training and racing a bit more seriously this year, it was only appropriate that Alex and I come up with a team kit.  Balancing the ability to stand out on the race course with the desire need to look good, can be hard- and we racked our brains for the perfect jerseys.  Eventually, a bell went off:  what about DannyShane?  Manufacturers of one of my favorite jerseys ever, DannyShane is a Texas-based company that makes high-end, environmentally-aware cycling gear.  With a pair of the company’s Tartan Race jerseys- in Tinsley green and Bellam blue- Alex and I would stand out on the race course, be identifiable as a team.  And stay sexy.  What about performance, you ask?  Take the trip past the break to find out!

Fundamentally the same jersey as the Lausanne jersey reviewed last year, the DannyShane Tartan jerseys are European (race) cut, full-zip jerseys made of a bamboo white ash/microfiber poly ripstop fabric.  The moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and thermoregulating material, which follows the company’s “Eco Mission,” is not only environmentally friendly but can be rated very highly on its performance.  The fabric is comfortable against the skin- not overly fuzzy or shiny- and is on the dense end of the jersey fabric spectrum, perfect for spring and fall riding.

Despite a sizing chart that would point me to a small, the medium jersey fit my 6′, 145lb frame well and the Large worked well with Alex’s extra 30lb.  Thanks to a high cut front, the invisible full zip doesn’t pouch in the belly area.  Silicone grippers at the waist help keep the jersey down and anything in the three traditional pockets from tugging the Tartan Race around unnecessarily.  The zippered valuables pocket on the outside of the right pocket is sized right for an ID and keys- but can chafe under the wrong pack (hardly a demerit on a road-oriented race jersey)

Given our experience over the past four months and the use that the Lausanne has seen over the past two years, I’d have to say that DannyShane’s jerseys are some of the best I’ve found.  The fabric seems more resistant to pilling than those used in other high end jerseys and, though the white areas can take on stubborn mud stains, does seem to stay otherwise funk-free.  On the road, the bamboo white ash fabric stays comfortable and wicks well until the thermometer hits 80- at that point, looser-cut and looser-knit jerseys simply let more air through.  At $125, the Bellam blue and Tinsley green jerseys are priced appropriately for their construction and fabric.  And the performance, durability, look, and fit mean that mine easily get twice the use of the $75 jerseys in my closet.



  1. Marc is right, these bad boys fit euro style, make sure you pick up an espresso too. If you’re borderline on a size def go up. I’m so much faster with this jersey.

  2. When I first noticed these jerseys a few months ago, I didn’t like them. Mind you, I like plaid too, in a way. My car’s seats have plaid insets (2007 VW GTI) and I love that.

    I’m starting to warm up to them though, with the exception of the price. I’m still not into cycling enough to be able to swallow the cost of some of this premium clothing. I can get two local club or shop jerseys for the cost of one of these.

  3. Wow. Reading some of the comments is like reading the works of the slow learners in a third grade class. With twi fifths of the comments, it’s easy to see what sort of vibe BikeRumor is promoting.

  4. Chris,

    DannyShane has some less-plaid designs on their website as well- they’re worth a look. If & when you’re ready to pick one up, I’m sure that you’ll be happy with it.

  5. Haters? It’s simply called “s**t cyclists say”. We all like those videos though, don’t we? Hypocritical me thinks.

  6. Robin – 03/08/12 – 2:15pm

    Wow. Reading some of the comments is like reading the works of the slow learners in a third grade class. With twi fifths of the comments, it’s easy to see what sort of vibe BikeRumor is promoting.

    I think in third grade it’s spelled “two” not twi.

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