Fi’zi-k Insole

The insole to the R1 Fi’zi:k cycling shoe last year is now offered aftermarket, for use with Fi’zi:k and other brands. Made in partnership with SIDAS, foot specialists of the Ski industry, a pair runs $85. Using Podiaflex-N to thermo-mold to the foot, fitting takes about 15 minutes. Podiaflex-N is an eco-friendly material, composed of polyester resin, EVA foam, and wheat middlings (leftover particles from the wheat manufacturing process). An Ortholite foam absorbs impact at the plate section of the shoe, reducing pressure on the ball of the foot. Around the edge and heel, a Transflux C layer provides stiff support for power transfer. Check out the insoles at Fi’zi:k’s website here.

From their materials: “The operating principle behind our original mission of improving the ride experience for all cyclists is that comfort is not an option,” said fi’zi:k’s footwear program designer and product developer, Steve Delacruz.   “With that principle in mind we are designing all of our products around the concept that if the rider is at their optimum level of comfort, efficiency and performance will improve.  To achieve that optimum level of comfort, we strongly believe that customization is necessary.  This is similar to the ski industry where customization of the boot shell and liner is ingrained in their culture.   We are striving to be on the leading edge of customization for cycling equipment.”

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Fi’zi-k Insole Top

Fi’zi-k Insole Side


  1. If they work anything like SuperFeet, they’re worth every penny! My road shoe go from unwearable to comfortable because of them.

  2. Still less expensive than I was thinking they would be, not too bad a price when you compare heat moldable shoes to those that can’t be molded.

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