What if every street session had its own soundtrack? A new concept product called Turntable Rider seeks to make every unique line and ride into its own musical track. Created by COGOO, a Japanase bike share program, the kit converts brakes into a sound pad, a gyroscopic motion pad acts as a fader pad, and the wheels become jog wheels.The raw music is fed via a bluetooth app to your iPhone or iPad.

This system will add aprx 900 grams to your ride, but now your bike will create music, rather than just the occasional creak.

How Does it Work?

This “platter stick” converts the front and rear wheels into jog wheels.

This is the center fader box. Don’t endo over the bars with this setup!

The complete kit contains two break sounds pads, the center fader, and platter sicks.

Flat land has always been cool, but it really awesome to see someone putting a fresh spin on things.

Via FreshnessMag


  1. This is absolutely amazing! I can’t get over it this made my day right here. I have always thought that I can never find the right soundtrack to my ride. Man now you can just make a custom one for every ride. I want one of these so bad! Where can I get one. I think it would be money well spent.

  2. 90% post production in both videos… fake. Sure with lots of choreography, and rehearsing you could get close, but just look at the internals of the head when it pops open. It has more wires that 1983.

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