Hayes Disc Brakes Crosshair caliper alignment bolt system for easy brake setup

Hayes’ new Crosshair alignment system let’s you set brake caliper alignment in seconds and will come on their Prime and Dyno brakes.

Using two bolts set perpendicular to the caliper mounting bolts, they let you easily set caliper position and tighten it down without it rotating and messing with your alignment as you turn the bolts. It’s a simple solution to a common issue for anyone that sets up brakes or changes wheels frequently.

To use, just install the caliper mostly tight and push it so the outside pad is against the rotor. Then, rather than tap it into place an hold the lever closed while reaching back to tighten down the caliper, you use a 2mm Allen key to adjust the caliper off the rotor until it’s centered. Once the rotor is centered between the pads, you tighten the rear/bottom bolt first, then the front/top one and you’re all set.

It’s an alternative To conical washers and eliminates alignment problems when calipers or bolts settle into a groove. They pointed out that for race mechanics and shop guys that do a lot of brakes, it can save a lot of time and help them get solid results more easily.

Hayes Disc Brakes Crosshair caliper alignment bolt system for easy brake setup

New Hayes Prime Comp disc brake actual weight

New Prime Comp is an early 2013 model. They wanted to bring the Prime family down to a lower price point (these will be $125/wheel). It keeps the tool free reach adjust but loses the dead-stroke adjustment of the Pro and Expert. Weight is under 400g per wheel with a 160mm rotor and all mounting hardware. Ships with the new Crosshair system, ships June 1. Just the caliper/lever came in at 273g.

Hayes Disc Brakes new L-series 160 rotor actual weight comparison

They have a new L-Series (L for Lightweight) rotor that comes in about 19g to 43g lighter than their V-series rotors. Weight savings comes from removing one spoke (6 instead of seven) and changing the contact patch a bit. Above is the 160mm V-series on the left (114g) compared to the new L-series (95g).

The 203mm rotor comes in at 202g for the V-series, 168g for the L-series.

Not shown, a new Dyno Comp brake set will come in under $100 per wheel and is shipping from distributors July 1. It borrows technology from their snowmobile brake department, meaning it’s good for Wisconsin winters (where Hayes is based), which means they’re perfect for fat tired snow bikes. What’s different is the seals are incorporated into the master cylinder rather than being on the piston, letting them use a longer seal. It’s more durable and seals super well. So well, in fact, that Hayes is giving them a lifetime leakproof warranty.

In other news, Hayes is now title sponsor of Niner’s demo tour, so you’ll be able to try these new products on Niners all over the country.


  1. If people actually used grease on the threads, under the bolt head, on the washers, and tightened incrementally, rotating calipers would not occur in the first place.

  2. grease or no grease, this is brilliant.
    this alone is good enough for bike companies to spec them on mid priced bikes.
    this is also the first truly excellent thing coming out of hayes in a long time. hopefully theres more to come.

  3. Wow. Good job. Too bad the guy who came up with the idea is going to get raped for every ounce of his soul for the next 20 years even though he’s more intelligent than the CEO.

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