Look X85 cyclocross bike with disc brakes

Shown as a prototype at Interbike last fall, the Look X85 disc brake cyclocross bike is ready for primetime, with a fancy UCI approval sticker and all.

Since the show, they moved the brake cable routing to the top of the top tube. The shift cables continue to run under the downtube, which eliminates the need for a pulley wheel near the front derailleur. The fork has plenty of clearance and has ridges similar to the original Ritchey rigid disc fork (It’s Look’s own design, though, not a Ritchey fork).

Weights and pics after the break…

Look X85 cyclocross bike with disc brakes

The UCI sticker is top, front for all to see. Brake line guides are molded onto the tube.

Look X85 cyclocross bike with disc brakes

Curvy fork and flattened stays should keep it tracking true.

Look X85 cyclocross bike with disc brakes actual weight

With an Ultegra/FSA build, Easton EC90XC carbon 29er mountain bike wheels and Look pedals, it came in at 17lbs 13oz.


  1. Bruce on

    It’s unfortunate that Look decided to run the shifter cables under the bottom bracket. I”m shopping for a new cross bike but won’t purchase a Look for this reason. The races I do are super muddy and the cables will get gummed up before the first lap is done.

    Also–why didn’t look run the cables internally? It gives the bike a much cleaner appearance.

    Hopefully Look will address these issues. I’d love to have one.

  2. karl brooks on

    the lookx85 is the best idear for along time mixing a cyclo cross bike with the option of thin mountain bike tyres , the look x 85 is a well balanced bike looks fantastic and gives off road cycling to a new level


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