Sometimes you’re familiar with a brand because you’ve seen their logo or its adorned some pro’s bike, but you’ve written the manufacturer off because of their image. When I first spotted Loaded components, I assumed they made anodized bits for dirt jump bikes, but upon closer inspection, I realized how very wrong my initial impressions were.

The company produces an entire range of ultra lights products, in a myriad of colors, for applications ranging from XC to DH. Their product line up is  simple. The lightest components are branded X-lite, followed by the tougher AmXC product line, and finally the bomber AmX group.

The company takes their component weights very seriously. They are absolute nerds about shaving every possible gram .

In today’s market a 400 gram set of pedals is commonplace. Riders are demanding uber thin, lighweight pedals, and manufacturers have responded. In order to achieve these  light weights many companies have resorted to making their pedal platforms smaller.

The Loaded AmX Signature pedal, with a CroMo spindle, weigh 320 gm (sans pins) but have a 100 x 110 mm platform. 44 Aluminum pins, 22 for each side in the color of your choice, add another 12 gm. Steel pins tip the scale at 33 gms.

The pedal with a Ti axle, weighed above, comes in just 2 gm over claimed weight with pins. Loaded claims their Ti spindled pedals (sans pins) weigh a scant 254 gm.

The stems are machined and extruded to shave as much weight as possible. The company even tapers the heads of their bolts!

The 90 mm stem weighed a feather 99 gm. To bad I’ll personally never have a use for a stem this long.

They forge and then machine their components from high grade aluminum. The nicest bits are made from blocks of 7075 rather than 6061 aluminum.

Their X-lite and AmXC stems can be flipped for either a positive or negative 5 degree rise.

Their DM stems look great and are adjustable between 45/50mm. Claimed weight is 154 gms.

The company has even turned their attention to QR seatpost clamps. Their design doesn’t require a allen wrench to tighten (small pet peeve) and is 20 grams lighter than a Salsa Fliplock.

The 1x20mm spacer weighed only 6 grams.

Going on a diet isn’t cheap. An entire set of headset spacers will run $40 MSRP. Total weight for four spacers of different heights is 9 grams. Loaded components reasons that since headset spacers are not subjected to side loads, the innards can be safely CNC machined, leaving only 3 points of contact against the steer tube.

Check LoadedUSA for the complete line up of featherweight gear.


  1. I don’t understand why the have left a size gap in their stems. I love the colors, I really love the weight, but not having a 70 or 75mm stem makes it a no go.

  2. Gillis, I don’t know if that’s a new stem since I last looked at their site, or if I’m just blind, but thanks. Looks like I may have a new stem headed my way.

  3. @gillis

    You can extrude the basic profile, then machine from there. It’s way less machine time, so it’s a cheaper process than machining from billet, and the material properties are identical.

    Source: mechanical engineering degree, currently designing an extrusion to boot!

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