Xceon bicycle handlebar mount speakers and lights powered by battery and USB

Xceon’s collection of miniature powered speakers and lights let you see and be heard on your commute.

Front and center is the Acouztic XAC-1000. It’s a combo speaker and headlight that stores your MP3/WMA music files on a 2GB internal memory, so you don’t need to tether it to your phone or MP3 player. Audio controls along the top let you skip through songs and change volume. The speaker end is facing forward here, check the light head after the break. The light has five modes -high, low, two strobes and SOS- and can run for up to 40 hours.

The tube is a vacuum sealed speaker chamber, which they say allows for very loud, clear sound. We turned it up a little bit and it was pretty good considering the size…enough to entertain you and a friend riding along. The light is a 170 lumen LED. Retail is $140 and includes mounting hardware for your bike, charger and more.

On the right is the Xzonic XM-10, a powered speaker that connects to via 3.5mm jack to play music from your iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player. Set one on either end of your handlebar for surround sound – they connect via built in audio-out jacks. Exterior is CNC alloy and is available in black, blue, red and olive anodized colors. When you’re done riding, bring ’em inside and use them next to any screen or computer. They’re magnetically shielded to keep your other electronics safe. The built in Lithium Polymer battery is good for up to six hours of playback per charge, and you can charge it while playing music via mini-USB. MSRP is $40.

Xceon bicycle handlebar mount speakers and lights powered by battery and USB

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