3T Team London Olympic Ergonova Drop Bar3T’s getting pumped about the 2012 London Olympics this year with a themed cockpit series. Adding just a little extra flash, 3T kept specs the same as standard components. Available for both road and mountain bike.

Above is the Ergonova carbon team bar sized 38-46cm. Full lineup and PR after the break…

3T Team London Olympic Arx Stem

PRESS RELEASE: 3T is launching a striking new edition of its Road and MTB cockpit components to celebrate the Olympic champions who have won on 3T bars in the past 50 years.

London Editions are finished in brilliant, high-gloss white with a striking, asymmetric motif,
suggestive of the prestigious rainbow colors: yellow, green, red, black, and blue.

London Editions are sold as a package of bar, stem, and seatpost, one for Road, one for MTB. The
Road set comprises Ergonova Team, Arx Team, and Dorico Team. The MTB set comprises Xida
, Arx Team, and Doric Team. A range of suitable sizes is offered.

3T Team bars and seatposts are built in carbon-fiber. The Arx Team stem is built in AL 7075 T6.
Technical specifications of London Editions are identical to those of the standard items, which
continue as before. All parts have proved themselves in high-level competition and exceed CEN
requirements by a significant margin.

Prices: Ergonova €250 (~$320); Arx €85 (~$110); Dorico €110(~$140); Xida €99 (~$126); Doric €135 (~$170)

3T Team London Olympic Xida Bar

3T Team London Olympic Doric Dorico Seatpost

*Doric MTB Seatpost not pictured*

Check out more details at 3T’s supplier.


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