FSA Full Speed Ahead SL-K and Afterburner handlebars get wider 700mm option and seatposts get longer 400mm optionFollowing a range of new goodies introduced at Sea Otter, FSA has added wider flat and riser mountain bike handlebars and longer seatpost options to several lines.

The SL-K and Afterburner handlebars both keep the 620mm width and add a 700mm and 740mm option for both flat and low-rise bars. Complementing those are longer 400mm seat posts for the SL-K, Afterburner, K-Force Light, and XC 190 lines. Options now include both 350mm to 400mm. These should be available late June/early July.

Pictured after the break, the new Afterburner Cranks now have a standard 104/64mm BCD bolt hole diameter option along with their three-arm spider BB386EVO model. FSA marketing rep Mike Lawless says they’re very versatile and can run as single, double or triple chainring setups, and even with a bash guard, making them more compatible with 29ers.

The Afterburner cranksets are available in BB30 and standard MegaExo (normal outboard bearing) BB with the 104/64mm BCD. BB30 model weight is 861g for the matte black anodized hollow forged alloy arms with rings. Their BB adds 63g.



  1. These guys make some good parts. Unfortunately when it comes to customer service, the guys on the phone will make you hate FSA in about 5 minutes. The WORST phone customer service in the industry by far. They will go the extra mile to make you feel like an idiot and belittle you for even considering that their parts might fail.

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