According to the press release:

“Line Of Sight is a rare view into underground bicycle messenger racing which has become a global phenomenon. For over a decade Lucas Brunelle has been riding with the fastest, most skilled urban cyclists around the world while capturing all the action with his customized helmet cameras to bring you along for the ride.

This is bike riding like you’ve never seen before, in gripping first-person perspective through the most hectic city streets, on expressways in Mexico City, over the frozen Charles River, under the Mediterranean Sea, across the Great Wall of China and deep into the jungles of Guatemala.”

FYI, this kind of riding is why motorists hate bicyclists. Do you think these cyclists are behaving brave or brazenly?


  1. Motorist dont hate cyclist, they just ignore them or they are jealous…. This is a form of revenge, because if anyone can be a douchbag on the road, cyclists have that right too

  2. These people are dicks. They scare pedestrians (many of which are young or old).

    Want respect from car users, then dont be dumb. I would feel no sympathy at all for anyone getting hurt doing this. Hell I would say they deserved it.

  3. Just like I can’t respect reckless drivers, I can’t say that I have much respect for cyclists nearly causing accidents through reckless behavior, yet alone glorifying that behavior.

  4. @Rob:
    I could not agree more: it’s wankers like these that make it harder for all cyclists.

    Now, is it cool? Absolutely. Like wingsuit BASE jumping, it’s amazing video, unnecessary risk. Except wingsuiters only hurt themselves. These chumps make it harder for the rest of us.

    Respect gets respect. Don’t be a dick. Simple.

  5. I plan bike facilities for a living. People doing stupid and reckless stuff on bikes makes my job harder. When my job is harder, it’s harder to make good bike lanes, trails, paths, signs and regulations for the rest of us.

    On the flip side, at least they’re not doing this stuff on motorcycles.

  6. This is why we need a draft army. Put these guys on the front line and let Darwin do his thing. Hint: Swiss Army bikes. In the words of Metallica: “Kill them all.”

  7. Lucas is a dick. He took the money from his IT company and used it to make the dumbest helmet ever and gain fame off of working class men and women while filling their ranks with idiots. A great messenger I also call my friend said, “We used to have a community, now we have a scene.” You never heard anyone say boo about messengers before commuting became a buzzword and Lucas brought his $$$ and cheesy-ness to the game.
    @rob @avi @ericNM @Psi Don’t like the way we ride? Tell your bosses, doctors, lawyers, architects to stop paying us to get something somewhere in time frames that can’t even be matched by a helicopter.
    @Arron If you are in city planning I guarantee that you have benefited from a messenger’s delivery expertise.
    @satisFACTORYrider You suck.
    @Rico There’s tons of wars going on playboy. Get off the internet and go be brave in the war.

  8. @Rico I have escaped death 5 days a week for 15 years. Darwin is doing his thing. That’s why your girl thinks about me when she at dinner with you. Simp.

  9. It’s interesting, Scott, how apparently you have no control over how you ride, with apparently “bosses, doctors, lawyers, and architects” controlling how you ride. Perhaps you shouldn’t be on a bike if you are unable to control it yourself……or take responsibility for how you ride, however that is.

  10. Bike messengers: hardworking people earning a living in a shitty environment (sure theres a few bad eggs but isn´t there always)

    Everyone in this Video: dicks

  11. I got much respect for real messengers – I lived and rode in NYC for 4 years while in college, saw them all the time. I could keep up until those insane intersection crossings. Before that I was semi-into the alleycat scene as it began in Seattle. I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. It turned into a bunch of asshats riding wreckless through the streets for nothing more the street cred and a 6-pack of PBR. And most of clowns doing alleycat races were not messengers, never have been, then and now. It was a scene that evolved into the hipster/fixed-gear trend.

    Personally I see a difference in riding like that for work as a messenger vs sport/fun.

  12. @Psi I was on the road as a messenger for 15 years and never hit anyone. I have been hit by cars plenty of times, but it was never when I was doing a move. You would be jealous of my bike control if you saw me ride. The majority of times I got hit I was in a bike lane.

    Just like most things people are good at that include danger, you learn to look at things in a way that someone on the outside can’t. I’m not saying you could not learn this, just that you haven’t. So don’t speak on things you don’t understand. That makes you look ridiculous.

    Pedestrians get scared watching “wingsuit basejumps” on youtube. How are you supposed to worry about what is going to scare someone. Take a GoPro of your next mountain bike ride and show it to your mom. See if she gets scared and then see if you quit mountain biking.

  13. @scott- i think the comments are directed at the race format and not an honest job. your comprehension sucks. I have messenger friends who would never do something like that to jeopardize their lives, livelihood and others’. but hey, if it gets your jeans tighter then go for it. it’ll be ruled an accident.

  14. the article isn’t about “bike control” it’s lack of “self control” and not warning the “spectator” that their “participating” on the course.

  15. @satisFACTORYrider MY friend goes under for her second sugery today from getting doored. SHe was a commuter in a bike lane. You suck.

  16. been in that hurt locker. lived in nyc for 6yrs but congrats on calling me out and changing my perception of the article though.

  17. @satisFACTORYrider The why would you want to put someone through that. Racing or not it seems cold to want to inflict what you went through on someone.

  18. This is not a way anyone should behave in a built up environment. When I ride around in a city I take care and I don’t want to scare anyone, sure I run a red light or two, but I would never get that close to a pedestrian. For example I know that my mother is an older lady and takes her time crossing the road, it’s a job that hard enough as it is. The last thing she needs is someone getting very close to her very fast. These guys have no respect and no decency for other people. Therefore, I have no respect for them or for their way of life.

    I have done a little work as a cycle courier and I would go as fast as I could without doing something I felt inappropriate.

    As for Scott (who I personally think to have the emotional intelligence of a small child), it’s nothing to do with “bosses, doctors, lawyers, architects” it’s to do with messengers trying to be the fastest and thus setting a precedent which other messenger firms follow.

    It’s dumb things done by dumb people, my only fear is that it will be aspired to by other dumb people. Which makes me fear for old ladies like my mama.

  19. @scott- don’t want to inflict harm.i worded that wrong. I’m sayin it’ll happen because of the recklessness. we’re not talking about a proper race here and/or are we comparing it to innocent bike messengers and commuters’ accidents.

    this crap blatantly puts innocent public at risk. Like you wrote..why would you want to put someone thru that when you’ve experienced it yourself or with good friends? we can both agree getting hurt sucks…bad.

  20. @Rob
    “it’s to do with messengers trying to be the fastest and thus setting a precedent which other messenger firms follow.”

    Actually most messengers work on commission. Therefore, the more jobs they can do per day the more they get paid. So while I’m sure there is some friendly competition among messengers, going fast and taking those risks reflects on their paycheck.

  21. Is Scott a troll or just an ass? I work for a large structural engineering company and can’t recall ever using a bike messenger because we just email the architects the CAD and all the progress submitials and final drawings are usually delivered by us at a meeting.

  22. Dude super sick flick man! These guys ride like so zenXcore. Super cool these guyz will kick all your asses because they are so fast and sick @ urban cycling lol. Did you see homes flip off the camera? He doesn’t give a shit. And all those cars deserve it because they are killing the environment. $0.00 per gallon bros! Y’all need to watch this video and learn how to be sick and ride zenXcore

  23. @Gillis Saw what if they get paid by jobs (rides). It’s there choice to ride like this. If the risen for this are money that means they are greedy. The bankers brought us the crisis and no one is defending them. They also where greedy and reckless.
    @Scott I don’t care if someone riding like this will get hurt. But I do care about every one else who can : drivers, pedestrians and even bikers.

  24. Why would you even give this video any press? It’s just a bunch of hipster asshats out there giving regular cyclists a bad name.

  25. The percent of actual messengers in this video is probably .02%. I am saying I hate Lucas for glorifying what was for a select few.

    @GTguy you would love to be me. Also do the math, if I have been a messenger for 15 years you certainly weren’t emailing CAD files over dial-up even more than 5 years ago.

    My reaction to Lucas was knee-jerk, but so would yours if an IT dick bag rolled in with some dough and the world’s dumbest helmet and co-opted your community and filled it with losers and bums.

    My reaction to everyone threatening cyclists was completely valid and I thank @satisFACToryrider for clarifying his point. Racing or not, Lucas Brunelle or not, no one should be intentionally hurt.

    I stand firmly by my stance that over time I learned how to move through traffic, auto and pedestrian, in a way that few can match or understand.

    “We used to have a community, now we have a scene.”

  26. I just want to know who the girl is around 1:53 and how I can get her number?

    I really didn’t notice anything else in the video.

  27. Former courier. Lucas Brunelle is a chump. As are 75% of the people who deal in the alleycat “scene” which is hilarious.

    Best job in the world. Miss it every day that it’s not raining outside.

  28. Scott, take off your tight pants, ditch the Wayfarers, take a damn shower and please wear shirts that are made for men and are your size.

    Look, I can generalize, stereotype and harass like you can; thanks for the great examples above!

    Also, get your pale ass on a real bike and enter a real race on a closed course and lose to real athletes. Then tell your friends how you used to be an athlete but stopped when it got too mainstream.

    I love cycling, I love bikes, I would love to these guys crash and eat shit.

  29. Did these people even have parents to teach them how to respect others? Unbelievable display of immaturity by bike messengers who are dragging down the global IQ average.

  30. I was messenger for more than 10 years. I know well Lucas. He is not a dumbass. He ride really well and strong. He just follow those crazy messengers on fixie on his ROAD bike. He can go faster then them.

    I think what is dumb, it’s riding a fixie on the street without brakes. First, it’s not going enough fast because of the single chainring/cog and secondly, there is not brakes… as people said it’s reckless.

    I did a lot of messenger’s race. I never get reckless because always using a road bike. Never hurt somebody, scare them for sure, but no crash. Pass on the red light… it’s not reckless, we did that 100 times a day to deliver stuff in time. So after years, experience it’s everything.

    I agreed with Scott, satisFACTORYrider you’re an ass…
    Nobody should be door, nobody deserve to get door, NOBODY, understand?

  31. iboc- ONLY thing that’s ass is your COMPREHENSION and your writing ability. here’ s an idea…talk to Scott

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