Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Front

Sourced creates messenger bags from tractor trailer curtains initially used to protect cargo. Before getting trashed, Sourced snags old tarps from companies, cleans them, and hand sews them into quality goods in the UK. All bags are trimmed with bicycle tube and get upcycled seatbelts for slings.

Sold in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – each has an unique design based on the tarp material. Pictured above, the large is built to handle any Macbook 17″ or smaller and has the dimensions 43x28x13 cm. A zip pocket on the front keeps all smaller valuables intact. Many of the bags show signs of wear, but that’s due to the nature of the material. Large is priced £49.99, about $80.00 by my calculations.

Click past the break for pictures, dimensions and pricing of the small and medium messengers…

Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Rear Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Zip

Sourced Medium Bag:

Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Medium Front

Sourced medium bags run £39.99, about $63.00. They’re designed to carry Macbooks 13″ or smaller with dimensions of 37x29x12 cm, have a front zip pocket, and are built the same way as the large.

Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Medium Rear Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Medium Zip



Sourced Small Bag:

Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Small FrontThe small bag is the newest addition to the Sourced collection. Pocketbook style, dimensions are 32x25x13 cm and pricing is £34.99 or about $55.

Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Small Rear Sourced Truck Tarp Messenger Small Zip



Also, Sourced offers tote bags and accessories like iPad sleeves and wash bags made from the same material.


  1. Cheaper than Freitag, and made in the UK, so more local in appeal. Saying two companies can’t make a similar item is like saying only one company should make bikes then by that thinking?? Its a great product. Take it for what it’s worth.

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