CamOne Infinity HD Micro Camera Main

GoPro cameras are a big deal in cycling and have captured some awesome footage. Now, there’s a stark competitor to GoPro – the CamOne Infinity HD by CamOneTec.

Though paralleling many GoPro features, CamOne sets itself apart in a couple ways. For one, the camera lens is removable. That means mixing and matching lenses for different scenes. Cool. Right now, CamOne is set to come with one standard lens that shoots 1080p at 127°, 720p at super wide 170°. That’s the exact quality as GoPro’s HD hero. But in the future they plan to drop a lens that shoots both 142° and 96° . Weight of the camera is 77g without housing, a bit lighter than GoPro’s 94g HD Hero. Also, dimensions are different at 49x42x34mm compared to GoPro’s 42x60x30mm. That makes CamOne smaller. An LCD screen is integrated, unlike GoPro’s LCD BacPac sold separately.

Besides this, both cameras offer roughly the same features – a separately sold WiFi module, 30/60 FPS depending on settings, 5MP photos, and waterproof housing. CamOne records for 1.5 hours before the battery dies, which unfortunately means less shooting time than GoPro’s 2.5 hours. Recommended retail is $250. More info at CamOneTech’s site.

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CamOne Infinity HD Micro Camera Accessories

The CamOne infinity with accessories – DiveBox for underwater shots, helmet mount, bike mount, flat surface mount, a long and short extension, USB cable, AV cable, and a Ten2Ten cable.

CamOne Infinity HD Micro Camera Eye

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