bikerumor pic of the day Durability Testing At XC National championships in Sun Valley, idaho

Photos submitted by Kyle Ireton, “Had to finish the MTB Nationals on just the rim and took the harder rock wall path to test the durability.”

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Durability Testing At XC Nationals in Sun Valley


  1. Gotta love his sense of values too…

    I’ll destroy a $400 wheel, but I won’t leave the $80 tire on the trail (he must be an environ-mentalist)..Yeah thats it.

  2. Joe, don’t be such a hater. Kyle is not only a great kid, but a terrific athlete. And he rode that rim down the rock garden because he could. Can’t say that for many other riders out there. Nice job at Nats, Kyle.

  3. I love how so many people have a negative comment about EVERYTHING. What is with internet forums/comment sections? You could give away a free vacation and people would still have a negative comment.

  4. @Kovas, It will blend! And I agree with Robert, you guys are downers. He said the rim was already destroyed! Hmm, walk a mile or two carrying the bike or just save the tire and ride it? Not a tough question if you ask me.

  5. Hey Joe King- Just curious, what do “Destroying” a $400 wheel and leaving a tire on the side of the trail have in common when talking about the environment?

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