2013 Time ZXRS road bike

Time is set to show their new ZXRS road bike this fall, which will come in above the RXRS as their top racing road bike.

Word is it’s a new one-piece monocoque front triangle with their RTM bonded on rear triangle like the RXRS. The hunchback at the front of the top tube looks a bit more pronounced, but overall the frame shape is very similar. It keeps the integrated seatmast, has internal cable routing for the rear brake and drivetrain.

For the RXRS, rumor has it they’ll offer a NX version with a standard (albeit tear drop shaped) seatpost alongside the ISM frame, and that they’ll have some new pedals for both road and mountain at Eurobike. Click through for more pics…

2013 Time ZXRS road bike

2013 Time ZXRS road bike

2013 Time ZXRS road bike

2013 Time ZXRS road bike

2013 Time ZXRS road bike

All photos found on TheHubSA. Thanks to Brett for the tip!


  1. Simply the best carbon frame on the market I guess, and it’s not made in asia, but in France by french workers and they are using their own fiber in their own factory. I’ve visited the factory in Nevers this year.

  2. I never owned a better bike than my TIME. I think I’ll mortgage the house or sell a kidney and buy another one (ya get what ya pay for!)

  3. I’ve always liked Time but I HATE when companies use that tight weave on the outter layer of carbon. it just screams cheap to me…

  4. Delicious looking, and I’m sure it rides beautifully, but it cant compete on the scales with other manufacturers. @Robo, I agree completely, nothing looks more gorgeous than uni-directional in my opinion.

  5. I so wish it were made in Japan (not Asia) by Japanese workers with all-Japanese technology. The best carbon fiber is Japan-made, and the best workers are Japanese, not “Asian”. China and Japan are like polar opposites!

    European products are generally substandard when it comes to comparison with Japan.

  6. Richard you’re a joke, and a big one. Thanks for all the fun! The best carbon fiber is Euro or US-made simply because we have better aerospace industry.

    Just for the record, any Japanese products are third-world made compared to Alex Singer bike.

  7. Its not the best carbon bike in the market as you have not sees any italian handmade bike !! I used to own a TIME ( RXR ulteam) its dreadful bike to ride, great in straight line, however in descents its a nightmare and doesnt corner . nice looking have to say. bu for sure I wont re mortgage the house for one !!!

    If you want real handmade best bike , check this guy’s work, made to measure only 100% made in italy , bergamo. can visit the place and see your bike made : http://www.legendfactory.eu

  8. The hunchback is probably to stiffen the headtube junction up… grab a time by the hangers n twist them as though ou were sprinting. Ive never seen a bike flex at the headtube like it.

  9. This is a great bike. Beats my Ridley Helium hands down. Haven’t noticed flex in the front. Got the team co ours -looks great. H.

  10. Well, let me chime in. First, the carbon weave on the top layer of most bikes is simply cosmetic. Most carbon bike fans like it. I don’t really care one way or the other, but to each his own. Time claims the hunchback stiffens up the top tube. And I find the comment about the bike being dreadful to ride really interesting. Ali says it doesn’t corner and descends like a nightmare. I haven’t ridden this new ZXRS, but I still own the ProTeam, their second-level bike from seven or eight years ago. And that bike still has the stiffest front end on a bike I’ve ever owned. I’ve had Ridleys, Looks, Pinarellos, you name it; nothing has as solid a front end as my seven year old Time. It descends so well at 48mph that I’ve sat up, taken my hands off the bars, and just let the bike go. I don’t recommend that, but the point is, it’s solid as a rock. No shimmy, no vibration, no front end wandering. I never had any problem turning this bike, either. Maybe the new ride is different, but my experience with Time is the exact opposite from Ali.

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