The folks at Pianeta Mountain Bike spotted a prototype Colnago C29 carbon hardtail 29er under sponsored riders at the recent Italian XC national championships.

The frame reportedly uses multiple types of fibers and uses a carbon lug construction common for Colnagos. Cable routing is all internal, headtube is tapered and it’s running a standard 68mm outboard bearing bottom bracket (hopefully not Italian threaded!). Frame weight is reported at 1,150g, not bad considering the construction, and word is it’ll be raced at the Olympics and should make its official debut at the fall trade shows.

The rear end gets an internally placed 140mm post mount brake setup with standard quick release, apparently at the request of the team for faster wheel changes during a race. More info and plenty of photos at the link, a couple of select pics below the break…



  1. is it just me, or does that first picture look funny? bike looks short lengthwise. front wheel appears smaller than the rear.
    something’s fishy, and it’s not the fish.

  2. I was thinking the same thing greg. Something looks very weird about that first photo. The whole bike looks short, the front wheel looks smaller, and the headtube angle looks SUPER steep

  3. Nice looking bike as expected from Colnago. Agreed the head tube angle looks incredibly steep as well as the rear triangle is pretty tight. That’d make for a fairly twitchy ride.

  4. I think the bike is just angling away back to front from the camera. Look at the shadow on the ground, the front wheel is further from the lens by a bit. I’m pretty sure the camera is just messing with your eyes.

  5. No press fit BB, but internally routed rear brake? Not trying to nit-pick too much here, but that seems like a miss on the priorities for a race bike.

  6. well if you have ridden a c59 you’d know colnago can make a pretty stiff frame with a BSA BB. Press fit BB’s are ways to make manufacturing frames cheaper 😉

  7. Well, it is a really, really small frame so of course it looks short. Along with that the DT reverse arch fork and negative rise stem throw things off.

    Press fit BBs on mtbs have been nothing but creak city for all of my friends’ bikes. I’ll stick with threaded, thanks. @MattL is right, they’re just a way to save cost and trim a tiny bit of weight.

  8. This is Eva Lechner’s bike and she is only 165cm tall (about 5’4″), so, like any other small 29er, it’s not really a looker.
    She actually won Italian championship few days back on this bike seeing it for the first time only hours before the race.
    Production version will come with direct mount FD and 142×12 in the back.
    Colnago proves once again that carbon frames can be made stiff without PressFit BB or beer can size tubes.

  9. meh, not impressed. Don’t put much credit with companies that ONLY offer hardtails for mtn bikes in their lines. The absence of dual suspension models tells me they don’t have a clue about mtn bikes.

  10. mmmm…Also is that a bolt together lower seatstay at the dropout end. Wow. I can’t stand that on the C59. This this just seems so low tech and old school manufacturing

  11. No, that DTSwiss fork is NOT on backwards. DTSwiss has been making reverse-arch forks for wuite a while now, Maybe you just havent seen them until now

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