Really digging SRAM’s latest aluminum and carbon fiber double cranksets but bummed not to be able to run combinations lower than a 26/39 on their 120mm bolt circle diameter, the guys at North Shore Billet got to work.  The aptly-named NSB 2×10 Spider is the result.  Allowing the use of readily-available 104 BCD 9s inner and middle rings, the North Shore Billet spider maintains the 2×10 rings’ distance from the bike’s centerline (as opposed to a triple with the big ring removed, which would sit the two rings inboard. This helps keep that 2×10 shifting magic and reduce chain rub.  Hit the jump for more pictures, pricing, and links…

You can even run a bash guard!
Goes great with carbon...

The NSB 2×10 Spider is made in Canada, available for X9 and X0 cranks, and available now for $70.  Find them at your local shop or


  1. You can buy sram spiders and chainrings so you can go down to 36-22 and 38-24

    And you can buy the cranksets in that setup to. At least in europe you can 🙂

  2. yep, i don’t see the point as sram offer already such a spider with 22/36 (but not with 180mm cranks 🙁

    sram says that it’s chainline is 49,5, wich should be same as this ?

    What i would buy from BSD is the same spider but with a greater chainline (more outside), to be inline with a 142+ or 150mm rear hub, and have great clearance for the front derailleur with a knobby tire and short chainstays.

  3. SRAM does offer the 22/36T combo in 10sp rings with a 104 BCD – BUT if you want to run 34T or 32T ring SRAM does not make 10sp rings in these sizes. So if you mounted a standard 34T 9sp ring onto the SRAM spider your front shifting would be off because of the different spacing between 9 and 10sp.

  4. I just ordered one. For me the possibility of running with a bash with the chainrings in the optimal location is the key.

  5. thanks for the explanations, Chris. So this does look interesting for my next build indeed.

    If you want to expand your market, you could try to ressurect the 5 bolts pattern for sram cranks. This allows to mount 20-30-40 rings that are really good on a 29″er ! But then, with widespread cassettes, not so many people run triples anymore.

    I still would be very interested in an increased chainline version of your double setup :
    Front derailleur touching edge knobs is THE limiting factor for short chain stays 29″ers. (see latest pivot presentation for an example).
    With an increased chainline, one could really tuck a big knobby tire with the derailleur on the side without interference.

  6. This is worthless, the oem 2010 cranks, 2011 and 2012 cranks are ALL different spiders. for the oem SRAM carbon cranks and the x.9 or OX spiders. the spacing is completely different.

    yes, you can find all the combos of chainrings from sram, 36/22(104bcd), 38/24(104bcd), 39/26(120bcd), 42/28(120bcd)

  7. Good idea, NSB. It’s nice to see small companies finding ways around the big guys’ attempts at standardization. It gives riders options if they want them, and being able to run a 22t/32t combo with a bit more chainline spacing (to accommodate bigger tires) is a niche that needs to be filled. Even if it is only for North Shore/Whistler type riding. Keep up the innovating.

  8. Ralph take a trip to some steep areas. Like the Alps. I’d like to see you pulling a 32-36 up those climbs. And a 32 up front isn’t exactly ideal, 36 would be best.

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