Sideways photo and ad via SF Bay Area Craiglist:

So I’ve had this fork sitting around my apartment for awhile, I know I got is for a reason at some point, but at this point it does very little other than sit behind my bedroom door. This fork has seen me have sex many times, it has seen me cry myself to sleep while watching sleepless in seattle eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s many more times. So my deal is this, I want it out of my house. That’s the long and short of it. The fork is doing me no good, and it might do someone else some good. If you want to pay me money for the fork that’s cool, but I think a barter might be more fun…

First, some basics about the fork. It has 3.5 inches of travel, 1/8th steerer tube and it is cut to 7 inches. V brakes only (no disk tabs).

Things I would be open to barter for (this is not an all inclusive list, use your imagination. You never know what kind of crap I would be willing to accept).

-An epic tale of my manliness. I will provide details about me if you wish to go this route.
-A heart warming plea of why you need the fork. It would be better if true, but if it’s not that’s ok too.
-A ship painted onto a piece of wood, or a model ship mounted on a piece of wood. Or maybe just a model ship. Hell, maybe just a piece of wood!
-Some sort of weird art work that you keep in the garage. If it depicts a van and topless woman on a black velvet then we sure as shit have a deal.
-A buddy jesus figurine
-A model of a space ship, preferably the Saturn 5 rocket. Can be assembled, or still in a kit.
-Some bull horns I could mount to the front of my truck would be pretty rad.
-Books? Ya’ll got some kick ass books you want to unload?
-How about some garden gnomes?
-Beer coozies, the more fluorescent the better!
-Anything beer or law related
-Industrial sized plastic wrap, or tinfoil
-Glamor photography.


  1. This scheme works for cameras, Mac’s, motorcycles or pretty much anything w/ a site catering to that type of product… especially if they are suffering through a slow news day.

  2. Who wants a fork for a girl’s bike? Even if the owner is a guy. (sleepless in seattle?, Ben & Jerry?) That think will get all gooey the first time out.

  3. I don’t understand why this is on bikerumor. I’m not trying to be a troll, but this is utterly stupid and pointless. I understand it’s supposed to be a little humorous, but its pretty weak in that department. Lately I have really been noticing the decline of quality of articles on bikerumor, and this just furthers my opinion that bikerumor is starting to suck. Please get your crap together, bikerumor!

  4. So, 2 years on do you still have the fork? I am building up some light Hotrocks for my twins, and need a decent fork. Kids bikes are ridiculously heavy, especially forks, and these will fit the bill for lightening it up. I’ll also send you something creative along the lines of your post. Cheers!

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