Tern Swoop step through folding bicycle for commuters

Tern is set to debut their Swoop step-through folding bike at the end of August and shipping early 2013.

The design is meant to make folding bikes even easier to use around the city, not just because of the easy to straddle step through frame, but also by adding shorter 170mm cranks and geometry that lets you put both feet on the ground when stopped.

“The most distinct feature of the Swoop is the super low-step frame that makes it really easy to hop on and off the bike,” stated Matthew Davis, Tern sales and marketing director. “That just makes it so much more convenient for all kinds of riders, whether you are a commuter who has to navigate lots of stairs and curbs, if you’re older and have lost some flexibility; or even if you favor short skirts as your cycle wear of choice.”

The Swoop has a short reach, putting the rider in a more upright position. Another benefit of the step through design? Low center of gravity, which should improve handling. Two models will be available, the Swoop D7i with Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal gear hub (above), and the Swoop Duo, which uses SRAM’s Automatix hub that shifts between two gears on its own.

Tern Swoop step through folding bicycle for commuters

Retail will range from €770 and €870 for the D7i and €900 to €1000 for the Duo, below. Both models come with an integrated rear rack and will fit an optional front rack. Both offer integrated lights and dynamo hub options, too.

Tern Swoop step through folding bicycle for commuters


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