Generator hubs have been used for decades to power integrated lights, but in a modern world, what you really need is a USB charger for your portable energy starved electronic devices. The BikeCharge Dynamo by Bike Console is an all in one bike light and power generator for any USB device.

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The integrated 1Q front LED and 2 S/B rear LED are adjustable, remote controlled, and weather proof. A 700mAH Li-ion battery stores power and will keep the lights powered for up to two hours after stopping.

The device can be easily installed by a home mechanic and allow tool free removal. The manufacturer claims it is 20% lighter than similar dynamos and has low load resistance. You’ll need to be cruising along a 5 kmh( 3 mph) in order for the device to work and full capacity is achieved at 20 kmh (12 mph) based on 26″ wheels.

Depending on your speed, you can fully satisfy your mobile phones battery gremlin after a mere 2-3 hour ride!

The kits retails for $100 and is available at BikeConsole


  1. I was having a conversation with a riding buddy just a few weeks back about the need to develop a dynamo option for powering devices (phones, GPS’s, etc). This seems like a great idea for bike touring, though I would prefer a model that ran a dedicated cord to the handlebars and allowed you to plug in from there. The current design has a lot of potential for the cables to get snagged, and requires a cable that’s sufficiently long enough to make it from the bars to the axle (not something all my device cables could do).

  2. Reverend – “The Plug” is a really cool idea, and pretty close to what I was imagining, but at 139euros (plus shipping I’m sure), and requiring that you already have a dynamo hub, it doesn’t have nearly the versatility. That said, it does look like a very solid product.

  3. I’ve seen dedicated chargers based off the SONdelux on a couple Renee Herse bicycles. But I don’t remember the set up. Oh well, it’s out there.

  4. Aaron – where would you put the solar charger while riding? Bars are out, as you have a computer/garmin/cue sheet, and there isn’t really anywhere else level that you could use one.

  5. I wonder if the wheels were made solid with solar panel arrays in the wheel interior where the spokes would have been, if that would work?

  6. If you’re willing to have a separate hub or bottle generator, there’s this guy:
    Bright-Bike Revolution

    It’s waterproof and pretty small and you can attach it to your frame or you can keep it in a handlebar bag – The Plug becomes a permanent part of your bike, for better or for worse. It’s also only $120.

    B – given your concerns about the placement and quality of the BikeCharge and the cost and lack of versatility of The Plug, maybe the Bright-Bike is what you’re looking for?

    In case the link didn’t work, the site is

  7. it was designed for day and night use. solar panels are useless at night and inefficient at shade, plus the energy available when you ride a bike is kinetic energy, that’s why a dynamo was used and not solar panel

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