2013 continental Speed King

Conti just unveiled new mountain bike and cyclocross treads this morning, and now we’ve seen even more from the German brand.

The Speed King is a semi-slick race day tire that replaces the long ago discontinued Twister. For 2013, it’ll only be in a 26×2.2, but is likely to grow up and become a 650B and 29er model in due time. Weight is 410g.

2013 continental wide 29x24 mountain bike tires

Mountain King and X-King get a 29×2.4 size to round out their 29er size range. The Rubber Queen (aka Trail King in the US because, you know, the original name is soooo offensive) and Race King get expanded options with both Race Sport and Protection casings.

2013 continental Mountain King CX cyclocross tire

Mountain King CX is a new 32mm wide (UCI approved) cyclocross tire that mimics the MTB tread of the same name. It’s designed for really muddy terrain. Around 320g. Weights for the CycloX King, covered in the earlier post, tubular is 390g, clincher is 320g.

2013 continental GP Attack and Force

GP Attack and Force road tires get a face lift with new graphics and drops 10g by using slightly less rubber. GP Attack is 175g and Force is 195g…theyre designed as a front and rear set. The Comp (foreground) tires get tubular versions with Attack at 240g and Force at 260g.

Pricing on these wasn’t available immediately.


  1. Man I wish they’d make that Speed King in a 650b x 1.7″. That would be an awesome tire for all the fire roads in my area.

  2. And yet, Dan, they managed to make it weigh 30% more than a Furious Fred, whilst giving it less tread.

    Hardly a rival to the Twister Supersonic, they were far lighter. I doubt people buying a tyre like that are hugely fussed by durability!

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