First introduced as somewhat of a sidebar to the all new SLX group back in March, Shimano had their new Click’r pedal system on display along with a new line of shoes specifically designed to compliment the pedals perfectly. Looking to introduce more people to clipless pedals, the Click’rs have similar tension at their highest setting, to that of the lowest setting of traditional SPD pedals. By moving from a dual spring system on Standard SPDs to a single spring system, the Click’rs require an amazing 60% less force to clip in and around 62% less to clip out. Click’rs also feature a 8.5 degree release angle, which pops the user’s foot out earlier compared with the previous 13 degree release angle.

In addition to the Click’r Pedals, Shimano had a new CT line of shoes that are perfect mates to the pedals on display. Check them out after the break.

Combined with the spring loaded outer plastic cage on the the Click’r pedals, the soles of the new CT line of shoes form a reassuring platform withe the pedals despite the neglige able spring tension. Of all of the light action pedals we have tried, the Click’r system is absolutely one of, if not the, easiest to use. Those familiar with clipless pedals will likely feel that it is too easy to get in and out of, but for someone that has never experienced clipless before, it  is quite unintimidating, which is the point.

In addition to the incredible ease of use, the CT line of shoes are also very hard to distinguish from running shoes to the layman, no doubt thanks to Pearl Izumi’s running shoe influence. The result is a line of shoes that are attractive, comfortable, and easy to use – all things that are important to someone who is just getting into the sport.



  1. WG on

    I had a chance to test these shoes for a second and I got to say they are nice. The sole is just as stiff near the cleat as always, but the rear is much softer than usual which makes walking a pleasure. Ventilation seems really good but I did the test indoors so nothing is 100% sure.

    As for the pedals, they are nothing special really, but an integrated reflector is a great thing for commuters or tourists.

  2. Ben on

    Mindless- if those are unsafe, bog standard platform pedals must be absolutely lethal. Even less engagement and release tension. 😉

    Because I hop on and off trains carrying a Brompton on my commute, finding shoes that are stiff enough is something of a task. These look pretty great.


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