A decade ago, a group of freeriders set off into the desert to pioneer and redefine the extreme limits of big mountain riding. They succeeded in ways unbeknownst at the time. Today, the talent, equipment, and grueling course preparation have resulted in bigger hucks, faster course times, and mind blowing tricks.

This original footage from the second and third Red Bull Rampage are a time capsule of awesome. The riders (and you will laugh when you see a much younger Cam McCaul, Thomas Vanderham, Kyle Straight etc…) where all decked in moto gear, awkwardly bulky armor, and rocked narrow high rise bars. Gone from our current landscape are the retro awesome Balfa downhill bikes and Shiver forks..although somehow Hayes Nine brakes continue to live on, exacerbating mechanics everywhere.

So kick back and watch a few clips before the 2012 Rampage event airs. You’ll be utterly amazed at how far we come. We can’t even begin to imagine how our bikes will continue to evolve and improve in the span of another decade.

Don’t forget you can tune and watch Red Bull Rampage live at 3.25 (PDT) on Sunday.



  1. oh man, this soundtrack reminds me of just how bleak a time this was to be growing up in, musically speaking. Though, the LTJ Bukem-esque track a minute in was pretty great.

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