• What? Too much snow around for your little tyke to ride their Strider bike? Just add some ski attachments and they’re good to go!
  • Castelli Cycling is producing a pair of handsome “Restore Red Hook” jerseys to help raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief in the neighborhood of Red Hook Brooklyn. Pre-orders are being taken now for the $100 jerseys, delivery expected mid-January. All proceeds will be split between the Red Hook Initiative and Restore Red Hook. Don’t want a jersey but want to help? Click on the links and see what you can do…
  • Don’t forget the San Francisco Bike Expo this weekend at the historic Cow Palace. Here’s your chance to ride on the world famous Whiskeydrome!
  • Registration is now open for the 2013 NAHBS to be held in Denver, Colorado, February 22nd – 24th.
  • Public Bikes is offering 10% off the purchase of their bikes for Sierra Club members and will also donate a portion of proceeds when you order their Sierra Club branded bicycle.
  • Christmas is coming and if you’re feeling Grinchy, RetroImageApparel has just the jersey for you.
  • Want to overcome your Grinch-y attitude? Bikes for Tykes in North Vancouver, BC, could use a little help with their program that places previously loved bikes with kids that will love them again. They’re asking for kids size tires, tubes, brake pads, cables, v-brake noodles, grips, 6 and 7 speed shifters and saddles to help make the bikes new again. Of course, they will also take bikes! Let them know if you would like to donate some of these items.
  • Over 4000 entries have been sold for the June 9th, 2013, Wiggle Dragon Ride. However, ballot entries are still available through December 1st. The South Wales event includes a 206km “Grand” Fondo and 125km Medio Fondo.
  • BusinessWeek has a video showing what we already know: that the bicycle will beat any car, even a Porche Panamera GTS, through a traffic congested city. In this case, the bicycle beat the car by 22 minutes over a paltry 10km span of Beijing!


  1. G.Clinton on

    Sierra Club has a bike?!?! Have my eyes finally deceived me? Sierra Club hates bikes with a passion. Isn’t a Mercedes SUV more appropriate for a co-branding effort? Or would it be a BMW SUV?

  2. Chipollini on

    @ G.Clinton – right! Sorry Public, your bikes suck – let me qualify that – Let’s take a look at the Public D8 – a 4130 cro-mo frame, 1 ” threaded headset/fork – Nexus internal 8 speed (not alfine), non branded “alloy”! parts sweet! At the amazing price of 1,350! only 32lbs and ready to rock…. Wooooo, chinese bikes rebranded! Hello Linus, have we seen this before? One could also go with a Felt verza city 1 – 8 speed internal alfine, alloy frame, with der hanger, disc brakes = 1,149…
    Also, is it hypocritical for a group like the Sierra Club promote pollution in another part of the world, then ship this product it’s origin of indentured servitude labor across the pacific, slap their decals on it and ride away to their waiting Prius then let it sit under the house for the next 5 years.


  3. Betty Beige on

    Those kids are Awsome! But Seriously I knew there was No Way you could have that many asians in a video without a least one face mask..


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