Bipo earbud mount for bicycle helmets lets you listen to music while you ride without blocking out ambient noise

Most of us are fans of riding with music, we’re just not fans of drowning out traffic and other ambient noise to the point where we don’t know what’s going on around us. We’ve tried a few other things (here and here), but we’re always on the lookout for a better mousetrap.

Now on Kickstarter, the Bipo is a bicycle helmet mount for the ubiquitous Apple earbuds. They’ll even work with the new Ear Pods. The design is simple – an alloy bit clamps to the stem of the ear bud and locks in a stretchy band. This pulls the buds bottom edge against the tapered vent in your helmet, holding it in place. Easy peasy.

Video and more below…

What’s particularly appealing about the Bipo is that it adds minimal weight to the helmet, which means less neck strain and no weight shift as you tilt your head.

Bipo earbud mount for bicycle helmets lets you listen to music while you ride without blocking out ambient noise

Wanna get on board? Check out the project here. Support them for $25 and you’ll get a pair in March 2013 if the project gets fully funded. Throw in $50 and you’ll get a limited edition red anodized pair with laser engraving.

Bipo earbud mount for bicycle helmets lets you listen to music while you ride without blocking out ambient noise


  1. this seems to me like another unnecessary apple accessory. $25 to attach earbuds (not speakers) to your helmet? wouldn’t it be easier just to use electrical tape?

  2. This must be a road biker thing or something, because I’ve never had a half a second to even contemplate putting headphones in while riding on a great singletrack. Sounds (har har) dangerous and stupid to me.

  3. I know quite a few roadies whom like to listen to music while they ride so the idea is maybe not a bad one. However, I am more curious as to what that sound will be like coming out of those headphones. They look like they will be about 3-4 inches from your ears and with wind noise and traffic noise I can’t imagine the sound quality will be very good.

  4. What is the point of this thing exactly?… Is it just a place to store your earbuds when you don’t want them in your ears?

    When I ride with headphones, I use canal-phones and when I pull them out, the helmet strap keeps them close to my ears for quick reinsertion.

    I also highly recommend a good set of canal-phones rather than earbuds since canal-phones block wind noise and let you turn down the volume, prolonging both your battery and your hearing.

  5. I’ve always thought that if riding is so drull you need music, radio, whatever to keep your mind occupied, you are probably doing the wrong activity…

  6. I used to be a big fan of simply enjoying the ride for what it is with no music but after I tried it, riding with music just makes everything better. I run out of things to think about on a 3-4 hour solo road ride.

    That said, the standard ipod headphones already sound terrible when they’re in your ears so I can’t imagine they sound very good when they’re stuck to your helmet.

  7. The problem with all of these systems is that you have no bass response (I’m a bassist) and if there is any road noise (cars etc) you cannot hear any music. I am resigned to just enjoying the ride because I do not want to be cut off from hearing what is happening around me so any headphones that will block out outside noise are out for me.

  8. Sounds like a great product for anyone who absolutely has to ride with music because, as Bikerumor and any such product should be warning riders, riding with even a single ear bud in an ear is illegal in virtually every state in the US and a lot of places outside of the US.
    And if we want motorists to respect our rights on the road, we should start by respecting all the rules of the road.

  9. Here’s a fourth product…works better than the others portrayed so far….doesn’t eliminate the wind noise, ut it puts the sound source close to your ear without having a massive helmet attachment.

    Might want to check it out…

  10. I like riding with music when doing interval workouts or hill repeats. It helps take your mind off your HR and screaming quads. Just keep the volume down so you can still hear cars approaching.

  11. tbh I’d never ride with music, but wouldn’t mind a decent headphone system for phonecalls. Just need a nice design to buffer the wind and it’s gold for me.

  12. I’ve almost always ridden with earbuds in. I totally understand why some people think it’s a safety issue, but I guess I just got used to it. Or maybe I never turned my music up loud enough to sufficiently drown out the noise around me.

    @saupak – I agree with you in principle, but don’t you think that riding with music at a reasonable volume allows you to still hear more things around you than driving with your windows up and music blaring?

  13. When I ride with music, I use the boombotix speaker…it is a small, powered speaker (can get them either wired or wireless via bluetooth) that I clip on to my camelbak. It sounds great, the charge lasts forever, it is pretty indestructable, looks cool (imo), reasonably priced, and still lets you hear everything around you. As a bonus, it seems to really p-o old guys out on the trails.

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