2013 Fondriest F80 650B carbon fiber hardtail mountain bike sneak peek

Word on the street is Fondriest will borrow some of the tech from sister brand Torpado to bring the F80 XC 650B hardtail mountain bike to market. This is also likely the only Fondriest mountain bike that’ll be imported to the US for next year.

Details are pretty much nonexistent at the moment, but looking at Torpado’s website and making a few guesses, the bike’ll likely be similar to their Nearco, which comes in at 990g for the UD HiMod carbon fiber frame, shown after the break.

If so, that means an X12 thru axle rear, tapered headtube and internal routing for both drivetrain and rear brake. And if spec holds true to the sneak peek they sent us, it’ll keep with the Italian theme by spec’ing Formula’s new 33 forks, which look pretty good.

More as we get it.



  1. Looks a like like a Niner.
    Internal cable routing is cool and all, but consider the labor charge or amount of work involved when simply having to change a derailleur cable…”Yes sir I’ll change your cable for you. $8.99 for the cable and $45 labor.”
    But I guess if you can afford this bike then you can afford the price to maintain it.
    Oui Oui Monsieur.
    Probably made in the same factory in Taichung.
    Still a nice frame though.

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