Artist Nirit Levav Packer started out as a fashion designer, creating wedding dresses following graduation from the Parsons School of Design in NYC.

She tired of that and, inspired by her father’s green ethos and working in his theater creating sets and props, discovered discarded bicycle chains while sifting through her local bike shops’ discards. Inspiration stuck, and now she’s creating some incredible dog sculptures out of chains and cogs.

Video and additional images after the break. The sculptures start showing up about a minute in if you’re impatient, and the one made of individual cassette cogs is amazing…

For a full gallery of her sculptures, check her website. Here are a few fetching samples:


  1. Absolutely Brilliant! She has done well with her God given talent and her love for dogs.

    When I look at chain and cogs… they are just chain and cogs.
    I send them to recycling center

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