Spotted on the X-Fusion instagram feed, this is the first we’ve seen of the companies rumored inverted all mountain fork in action.

The company has high hopes for the new fork which they hope to release in 2015. They’re hoping to use the Uni-Crown steer, a forged single-piece aluminum crown and steerer tube assembly (covered more in depth here), found in their forthcoming 2013 line-up to increase rigidity and lower weight.

They ultimately hope to have the 160mm fork weigh under 4 lbs when released.


  1. Looks great. Can’t wait but I will say X Fusion needs to set up shop in Moab since not one shop there can work on their shocks. Buddy had to rent a bike b/c no one could even work on it. So X Fusion I’ll be all over your stuff but you need more tech guys traveling the hot spots to make sure everyone is up to date on how to work on your stuff!!

  2. The great thing about X-Fusion is their customer service. We had a bum fork, called customer service, sent it in. It was back three days later. No special favors pulled. I’ve had customers wait weeks for their equipment from Fox.

  3. @coloradocycling Their shocks arent inherently different then any other fork. Anyone who can work on a fox/rockshox fork should be able to work on an x fusion. Shops just choose not to work on forks in house because its easier.

  4. Spider, chilli, moab rim and 2 other shops said we can’t work on them; they said it had something to do with x fusions nitrogen charge system…don’t know what that means but they all said they couldn’t do it. I looked it up on x fusions web page and I think this is what they are referring to:

    All X-Fusion shocks utilize a high pressure nitrogen charge. Do not attempt to open or service the shock as discharging the pressure is dangerous and can cause serious personal injury or damage to the product.

    My buddy did get home from moab and sent it back to x fusion and no problems getting repaired but with a fox or rock shox it could have been fixed in the shop in moab….why not have an “authorized repair” shop inside one of the bike shops in moab? They can’t do it everywhere but come on…moab is pretty unique in terms of number riders and how much effort it went into going to moab….just sayin

  5. Agreed Hello. I worked a few years at a shop here in Michigan and never hesitated to take a look at the internals of a fork. Rear shock can be more challenging though, as they are pressurized. Any self respecting shop should have someone on staff that is at least willing to take a look at a fork for their customers. If not, maybe the shop is not in the repairing business, but only the selling business.

  6. By the way, that fork looks Awesome. I love it when somebody tries something that is a little outside of mainstream. Reminds me of the Shiver SC and could be easily compatible with a 29er with a travel limiter. Two markets with one stone.

  7. Good thing about the customer service in the US, because in France it’s plain rubbish … people have been waiting for months for warrantied CSU, springs for the Vengeance forks (and in the end, some ended up using modded Domain or Fox36 springs…), …

  8. @coloradocycling
    In May 2011, I had my Fox Float 32 100RLC blow out on my second day in Moab. Went to Chili Pepper b/c it seemed to have the best reviews, and they had the parts and rebuilt it for me, picked it up four hours later. Cost $75. I was pretty impressed by that shop, I went to a few of the others on my visit the following March, but Chilis is still my favorite.

  9. @Bill – In the Boulder, CO. area we have a shop that specializes in fork and shock rebuilds, and in our shop we are glad to let them have the business. It means parts we don’t need to stock, and tools we don’t need to buy. Our service is excellent, we’ve just decided we don’t have to be everything to everybody.

  10. @coloradocycling If a shop can service a RP23 (or any Float that isn’t a DHX), they can service any other Nitrogen charged shock. RP series shocks are pressurized with N2 also. No reason they can’t service an X-fusion other than do not wanting/knowing how to.

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