eeCycleworks eeBrakes limited edition red anodization options

eeCycleworks’ eeBrakes are now available in red anodized options, with everything from full red to mixed and matched black ano parts and pad holders.

“Early on, I used to do all kinds of anodized colors,” says eeCycleworks founder Craig Edwards. “I was just starting and willing to do custom ano. But it was a big pain in the butt, so I ended up just doing silver and black. But I was getting a lot of calls for custom colors, so I wanted to do something that would have broad appeal.”

Other little tweaks on the latest production run make the brakes more compatible with rims up to 26mm wide. Edwards says they look virtually identical to the brakes updated in 2010, which opened them up to allow 23mm wide rims, but the pivot points have moved ever so slightly. This makes them compatible with modern rims like ENVE’s Smart wheels and Zipp 303s.

The hardware also gets a color update. Before, all of the pivot point axles were all hard anodized clear, which gave them a dark gray color that looked like titanium. Now, he’s doing them all in a black hard ano, which makes the whole package a bit more color matched.

All the other bits remain the same, like the sub-100g weight per caliper (with pads!) and the centered cable routing that makes them among the more aerodynamic brakes on the market. Edwards says they’ll be listed on eeCycleworks’ website soon, but pricing remains at $610 per set without pads. You can email him if you want them now. He wouldn’t divulge the size of his production run, but said the word “limited” is appropriate.

Thanks to Jason at Freshbikes for the tip, who says he’s had a pink pair of eeBrakes before! 


  1. Super brakes! Just smashing!

    Red as an option to ‘Standard’ should work well, is working well for us with a good 25%+ of sales going in red.

    With Lust,

    The Goats

  2. David, are you trying to blow the lid off of something no one is hiding? These brakes are great, and I hope more people get to try them out.

  3. Hmmm, a 160mm rotor, or a 700c rotor? I’ll stick with rim brakes thank you very much. When going slow offroad, yeah discs are great, but not on my roadie.

  4. There are some lightweight brakes that are less than great BUT not these! These are really quite super:

    Bike Radar – “Possibly the best featherweight road brake out there – but be prepared to pay for its stunning performance”

    Got to show a little love to Craig Edwards for putting his heart and soul into these and working his ass off I suspect to get these re-designed for the new Shimano lever specs.



  5. ok good .. bur enve and zipp are modern rims? is better a rim like blade or like a brick? is detter a aerodinamic brake or a far brake?

  6. EASY EASY…. disk brake fanatics here are so serious, loosen up people. If disk brakes were good for road bikes we would see them on TDF first not on your hybrid with 700×38 . I do agree they are good for cyclocross, touring or mountain biking though.
    Its a known fact that with disc brakes you would lose acceleration, we are trying to get our wheels as light as possible . Now picture a “lightweight meilenstein” wheel-set with disk brakes… will never happen.

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