Hoping to continue their success in the ever changing world of power meters, Quarq introduced two new models today, the ELSA and the RIKEN. Both models feature enhanced electronics, and the ELSA will be offered in a wide range of sizes from 162.5 to 177.5mm.

The big news for the two cranksets is the use of OmniCal, which will allow for users to change out the chainrings without having to recalibrate the system. The ELSA 10R and Riken 10R maintain accuracy to +/- 1.5%, regardless of what chainrings are used. Both cranksets will also utilize a CR2032 battery which will provide a claimed runtime of 300 hours.

More details after the break!

Like other Quarqs before them (and no doubt due to their ownership by SRAM), the two cranks use SRAM carbon crank arms with the ELSA 10R built on Exogram Holow Carbon arms, and the RIKEN getting carbon arms as well, but not the Exogram Hollow models. Each crank relies on a CNC machined Aluminum spider in either 53/39 or 50/34 chainring ratios.

Power Balance is another feature that is only available on the ELSA and will allow users to test for asymmetry in their pedaling stroke. Power Balance works by using crankset torque to compare the power generated on each half of the stroke.

The ELSA 10R is available now for $1995, with the RIKEN 10R available for sale at $1595 starting on February 22.



  1. Does anyone know the difference between the highend of the two of these and SRAM’s own model? Do they both use the exogram carbon crank arms? A bit confusing with 3 models now.

  2. dale and Rob- AFAIK, the red quarg still uses the old s975 arms which are what the Riken and the older sram quarqs and SRMs used. The rest of the features on the ELSA read like the red quarq or the new cdale/spec spiders.

    Makes me wonder if SRAM has an update to the red quarq upcoming to use the exagram arms and shave some weight. Would be a nice running change for them to make.

  3. This is the same exact thing with a different paint job? What?

    GXP bbs have gotten better..best? maybe not but i am getting solid performance on the dirt bikes with them.

  4. Nice to see a lower cost option (if only slightly) coming from SRAM. Power meters are still a bit of a boutique purchase but perhaps one of these days (years) we will see something like the current generation marketed at the x7/rival level for a song — in the meantime, knocking a couple hundred bucks off the lower-end option is a good start.

  5. I wouldn’t care for the 30 grams of additional weight. The additional ‘ring’ (is this a proper English word) at the outside of the spider gives the spider a lot additional stiffness, so the stiffness of the chainrings are less of an influence. SRM has used this design for many years and also Power2max designed their powermeter with this additional ring.

    So quite a major update.

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