Bont Vaypor Plus cycling shoes

The new Bont Vaypor+ gets an entirely new unidirectional monocoque carbon fiber base, Durolite synthetic uppers and new insoles and fit parameters.

Bont’s shoes are all handmade, building layer upon layer to form a true “monocoque” shoe with the carbon fiber outsole bonded directly to the insole, trapping the liner and other elements into a single unit. The outsole uses UD fibers covered with a 3K woven layer, and heel and toe rubber bumpers are replaceable.

The upper is heat moldable, and the insoles use a new memory foam footbed for a fit that can be customized beyond their already more anatomically correct shape. The other new feature is Atop’s Kevlar-cabled micro-dial closure, which replaces the ratchet buckle and Velcro straps of the other road shoes. This gives it a much sleeker appearance and likely sheds a few grams.

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Bont Vaypor Plus cycling shoes

Bont Vaypor Plus cycling shoes

Bont Vaypor Plus cycling shoes

Bont Vaypor Plus cycling shoes

Bont Vaypor Plus cycling shoes


  1. I like the replaceable heel and toe pads in addition to looking like a well-built, solid performing shoe. These look like they would last for years and years.

  2. Nice to see Bont keeps improving; awesome!!! I’d like to see in the future other features like:

    – Options with more ventilation, for summer. These look way too hot for warm locations.
    – Bont users demand the best shoes, that’s why they want bont, but also the best pedals; speedplay. Therefore Speedplay sole, with 4 bolt standard should be available without entering the custom price.
    – Heel rubber pad should be better, just like a circle.
    – Insoles are very important. I¡d like to see how are the bont insoles, if they offer options in arch support amount.

    For the rest I love them. Also their cheaper options seem really good. Bad news for Sidi!! they have to catch up, if they can…

  3. AFA ventilation: I thought the same thing when I first got my A1s. Turns out it isn’t really an issue here in the DC area. YMMV with how hot your feel run though.

    Now if I could only find a screaming deal on some Vaypors (either model) in 41, I’d be a happy camper!

  4. i have 2 pairs of A1’s one pair of vaypors and one pair of the CCTs. I like the fit of the A1s and CCTs better due to the increased toe room with the older nose.

    Also the build quality is worlds better now and much of the issue was mitigated with the stitching attaching the rear portion.

    i am hoping that these come in a 41.5 as I have always been a little tight with my 41’s but 42s are too big.

  5. Use a a cheap Atop reel (Yu Chen Ent. Co., Ltd.) instead of the (patent protected) Boa system = FAIL. You’re developing a world class show here. Why would you try to save money on the bloddy lace system?

  6. I would love to see cycling shoe manufacturers realize that not everyone has a narrow or regular-width foot. Try finding cycling shoes to fit size 13 EEEE feet. Lake is the closest that I have come to a ‘comfortable’ fit

  7. I tried some Bont A Twos and didn’t really like the fit, but it is cool to see another company using a Boa type closure. Just getting rid of some of the bulk of straps seems to make a shoe more comfortable and breathable, as well.

  8. Disclosure, I work for Bont, but felt I should comment on some of the above.
    – For starters these shoes are actually UD carbon on the outside, not 3K.
    – In terms of heat, we have riders using our shoes in extremely hot and humid countries such as the Philippines without heat issues. This may not be the case for everyone, but generally not an issue with the shoes. The front bumper, top skin and arch all have ventilation built into them. Another reason Bont shoes do not tend to run hot is that we do not use any injection molded plastic base under the carbon layer, something that is quiote common with a number of claimed “carbon soles”. Plastic retains heat far more then carbon.
    – In terms of Atop reels being cheap, do not agree as their system is actually one of the strongest we have tested, including the kevlar wiring we are using.
    – In terms of those needing wide fit, our shoes are wider then most brands and we also make a wide fit as well as custom shoes.
    Thanks everyone for the feedback.

  9. Hi Steve are they making custom vaypor + . What is the time frames. Do you have recommended fitters in Australia, can you select where the bolts are located and stack height. Thank again for above feedback.

  10. Best fitting shoe I had ever worn, but the worst footbed and interior construction I’d ever encountered. Exposed cleat anchors and what not led to some very painful miles. I’m now wearing fizik and am very happy.

  11. Atop are blatantly violating a worldwide patent from a well respected, innovative company – Boa. They may work just fine, but is this the type of company Bont (another generally well respected company) wants to associate with? For sure they were lower cost, but other due diligence might have been a good idea…
    Disclosure: I do not work for Boa.

  12. Have got a pair of A2’s and are very happy with them.After a couple of sessions in the AGA they are now a perfect fit. I am now looking at getting a pair of these and have only found one place in the UK( Eden Cycles) where they are selling them from June-July onwards. Is the earliest they will be on sale in the UK and are there any others who are going to sell them?

  13. I have worn Bont A1 for years, stiff and comfortable are understatements, and ventilation is not an issue which the temperatures climb, if fact, I had to just now make a serious effort to think of any heat retention issues, at any level I ever had with A1 and there was not any. I really noticed how well ventilated they are in the winter when cold air seem to come in from vents I never knew where there. I only have one question regarding the Vaypor +,,, What’s up with the colour choice???

  14. Since I’m still holding out for some Vaypor Plusses and I came across this page again, I thought I’d toss out a tip I read somewhere else:

    Use SPD-Sl cleat bolts for your Look cleats on your Bont shoes. They SPD-Sl bolts are shorter than the standard Look bolts and don’t protrude past the sole.

    That little tip helped me immensely. Hope it comes in handy for someone else.


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