While convenient, many riders do not have the luxury of having multiple bikes, whether for lack of storage, funds, or desire. That means that if you choose clipless pedals over flats, riding your bike around town can be a challenge. This is especially true if you prefer CrankBrothers Egg Beaters which are like riding on small ice cubes when pedaling around in street shoes.

Enter Pub Pedals. Sure, Winwood Decksters have been around for ages and CrankBrothers even has their own single sided platfors (though they claim they’re just for test riding purposes), but Pub Pedals seem to be the most well thought out option going – they’re dual side, easy to install, and look plenty grippy.

The Pub Pedals are currently in a campaign for funds on Indiegogo, but you can get the details here after the jump.

While the other platform adapters available for pedals like the Egg Beater utilize a cleat that clips into the pedal just like a shoe would, Pub Pedals take advantage of the unique scissor action of the Egg Beater’s springs. When you push the Pub Pedal onto the Egg Beater, it presses against the “wings” therefore compressing the spring slightly which holds the Pub Pedal in place. Dead simple to install, no rattling, just as quick to remove -what’s not to like?

Pub Pedals will work with both the older and newer style Egg Beaters, and are being offered in various colors based on pledge level for the Indiegogo. To the first 250 people, $22 will get you a set of black Pub Pedals, after that it’s $27 for black, with colors starting at $33 dollars for a set and various options continuing on. Pub Pedals are not affiliate with CrankBrothers and are the brainchild of Jeff Thom. There are 16 days left on the Indiegogo, get on it!

We’ll leave you with the FAQs from the Indiegogo page:

Will pub pedals fit on my Eggbeaters?
Yes, pub pedals will work with both new-style and old-style Eggbeater pedals. (see photo above)

What colors are pub pedals available in?
Yellow, Red, Blue, Black & Pink (see images above)

Can I ride these on trails?
No. It isn’t a good idea. Pub Pedals are designed to be used for casual riding only. If you’re going to be on trails or pushing yourself, wear your bike shoes.

Can they slide off while riding?
As long as you’re riding casually then they won’t go anywhere. However, they have been designed to be easy to slide on and off. So while very unlikely, if you make an effort to push out to the side just right, it is possible to get them to slide off.

Why do they slide onto some Eggbeaters more easily than others?
This is because the amount of spring tension is different across the different styles of Eggbeater pedals. We have found that the amount of spring tension varies with the different styles of Eggbeater. Therefore, your Pub Pedals will slide onto some more easier than others.

Why are pub pedals kinda thick and funny looking?
The thickness is due to the nature of the Eggbeater pedal.  Although Eggbeaters look really small and minimalist when you factor in the size of the wings they actually aren’t as small as they look.

We made pub pedals with the offset mirror image pattern to simplify the design, and to  prevent the treads from clogging up with snow (because hey, we like to ride all winter long and we live in the Rocky Mountains of Canada).



  1. I like the design. Much better than the standard terrible clip-in pedal platforms that I have used with my Crank Bros (I don’t have Eggbeaters, though).

    The one thing that concerns me is the height. Using tall platforms can be kind of scary…the tendency to roll out under your foot is not fun.

  2. What’ little American (deleted) is going to file lawsuit? WTF. Slap ’em on, use ’em if you want and pipe it. American’s can be so pathetic.. Cheers.

  3. I ride speedplays off road. no spring, no tension, no problem. Best pedal ever created. Period.

    Now, if you have no taste, or, you are I fashion victim, i´m deeply sorry.

  4. Why do people have to piss on their bonfire. They are doing something different and yes there may be problems with the first version. This happen with all companies large and small. Why not cut them a break and support them even just with words. Sick of people bitching about people who get off there arses and do something.

  5. If I used Crank Bros EBs I would pre-order in a heartbeat…Brilliant idea. Maybe one day the US will adopt “loser pays” like Britain has, so people don’t have to worry about money crabbing scum.

  6. Are you guys (or gals) all blind? Thanks to the producers for the blue panty shot at :50 seconds of the video. Thanks as well to genetics and the wonders of riding a bike for such a lovely rear end. Decent looking idea too, just may get a pair.

  7. These can be used for trips to the corner store, the gym, yoga class, etc. etc.
    The name is just to catch your attention.
    Congrats to Jeff

  8. I’ve designed a product that allows eggbeater users to safely avoid dangerous pubs. I call it a bottle of brandy in a paper sack, which the eggbeater user can stash in their hydration pack until they feel public. Then they can take it out, open it, and drink it, just like they would in a pub, but without the offensive odors, contagious diseases, and traumatic injuries that pubs are known for. My kickstarter page should be up in a few days, I need one hundred thousand dollars for R&D. Who’s with me?

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