Looking to add to the growth of fatbike racing and winter bike sports,  the Vail Winter Mountain games presented by Eddie Bauer, is now adding a fourth discipline to the mix and creating the Winter Mountain Bike National Championship. In addition to the fatbike crit, mountain bike dual slalom, and the best trick competition, there will also be a cross country race for riders to compete in.

The Cross Country race will take place on Friday, February 8, followed by Saturday’s Snow Bike Crit. The weekend will be capped off on Sunday with the Mountain Bike Dual Slalom and Best Trick. Registration for all events is now open. There will also be some killer free concerts from Flobots, John Brown’s Body, and more.

Last year’s Best Trick was won by BMXer Chad Kagy – will more BMX riders return for 2013?

Check out Kagy’s winning run after the break.


  1. Will the USAC try to fine/discipline/censure any pro who competes in a National Championship not sanctioned by them? My guess is yes, based on what happened over the summer…

  2. I am pretty sure that between MN, Wisco, Michigan, and AK, we already have all the fat bike titles covered/claimed. Oh wait, I think we forgot to ask permission of the self-appointed governing body for cycling in the US=) Well, I guess all our titles will have to be renamed “Intergalactic” rather than just “National”.

    I wonder how big the field will be in a mountain town 15 hours away from the winter biking hot bed that is Minneapolis?
    Either way, Fat Bike Fest, the original fat bike XC championship, will be held here in Minneapolis next weekend.

  3. Sorry, but this is one cycling niche that Colorado will never be able to own. The World Snowbike Championships were in Michigan last weekend! And nothing that they do in Vail will come close to how epic that course was.

  4. Wayne, then stop watching and GO RIDE.
    Do you ride?

    Complaining about things HE’S watching?? Stop watchingthis then and watch some fat back country riding.

    People making decisions for ya??

    Come on Bud, get it together!

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