Does this not make you think of Purple Rain? I’m guessing if Prince were on a fixed gear instead of that motorcycle, it might look something like this.

The bike shown above is Mixie’s Crisscross Mini F’Mixed gear bicycle. Mixie is part of a parent company names Scratch Tracks that mostly does electronics like bags with built in speakers, and unique retro electronic gadgets.

Mixie offers two models of Mini Fixed gear bikes that “Mixed Gear Bikes mash-up fashion and the fixed gear lifestyle into a format fit for all.” Essentially, flashy fixed gear bikes with BMX wheels. While there is some practicality to the smaller wheels for commuting – see Cannondale’s Hooligan, we’re not so sure the Mixie is the fixie of the future.

Check out their Straightedge Mixie after the break.

Above is the Straightedge in Vice Teal, although if bright colors aren’t your thing….

…they have some toned down options as well. Want one? You can order them up on currently for $398 for any model. What do you think? Fashionable transportation or colorful flop?


  1. erich on

    Would smaller wheels give you any more maneuverability for bike polo? If so, combined with the elimination of toe overlap, perhaps this would be a decent polo bike. Having never played bike polo before, I’m 100% grasping at straws here, but maybe someone more informed than I am can weigh in.

    At least they’re keeping the ridiculous color scheme trend alive. That’s something I wholeheartedly approve of in a bike world filled with matte black, deep matte black, deep midnight black matte and the blacker shades of grey (in matte, of course).

  2. Dockboy on

    @erich: Yes, smaller wheels improve maneuverability. More specifically, a smaller rear-center (and thus wheelbase) allow you to turn tighter corners.

  3. Slow Joe Crow on

    Silly people at don’t give any frame sizing or stand over measurements. My wife would be into that Purple bike, except that she’s 5’1″ with a bad knee, so a smaller frame and a freewheel are necessities.

  4. ccolagio on

    As a serious bike polo player in LA – anyone who tried to play on this bike would be laughed at. its the most terrible bike you could possibly use for bike polo

  5. Moosegoose on

    “As a serious bike polo player in LA ”

    ” anyone who tried to play on this bike would be laughed at.”

    Oh sweet irony. That’s like eating your own.

  6. ccolagio on

    you probably still think bike polo is a part of hipster bike culture where everyone uses sweet fixed gear bicycles that look super cool…in 2013, its more like youll get knocked to the ground if you try playing against good players. try it, before you try to mock it


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