MidWeek Mini-Reviews: Winter Special Edition

In this Winter edition of Midweek Minis we have a selection of components and clothing that will help you beat the winter blues whether you’re on a fatbike, or a road bike. First up are Vee Rubber’s Mission 4.0 fatbike tires. At $60 a piece, it’s crazy to say that these would qualify as an economy tire for the fat market, but they do. At that price, this is one of the cheapest folding fat bike tires you will find. The tread and casing flex are both decent, just don’t expect them to perform like higher end tires. On loose snow over frozen ground or just on hard pack they have good handling characteristics and grip, but in deeper snow they struggle for grip.

Check out winter goods from Pearl Izumi and more after the break.

MidWeek Mini-Reviews: Winter Special Edition

Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Barrier Bib Tights

While too thin for deep winter conditions, the PI Elite Thermal Barrier tights will be plenty in many locations for the darker months. These are not the “cycling” tights, which means they com sans chamois – which is good if you ride a lot in the winter since you can rotate cycling shorts underneath and not have to wash the tights as much. Not to mention the extra layer of shorts provides even more warmth.

The chest on the bib comes up high so it helps to keep even more warmth in. Built with Thermal fleece panels on the inside and Elite Barrier panels outside to block the wind, these are good down to around 30 degrees or so. The legs have nicely contoured cuffs with a snug zipper enclosure around the ankle.

Fit on these are a little big, I have another pair of PI bib tights from the season prior and they are a medium and fit great, while I had to size down to the smalls for these.

MidWeek Mini-Reviews: Winter Special Edition

Time ATAC X-Roc Pedals

Even though they aren’t technically a winter product, my Time ATAC X-rocs have quickly become my favorite pedal on the fat bike, or any mountain bike in muddy, snowy, winter conditions. Thanks to Time’s legendary mud clearance, even when the pedals are frozen solid with snow or mud, a good kick can get them working again – something that isn’t so easy with a lot of other pedals. Also, thanks to the big platform on the outside, even if you aren’t clipped in right away you can keep moving. The platform is one of the largest available yet the pedals are still under 550g per set.




  1. The Origin8 Devist8rs, also a Vee Rubber product are even cheaper – got mine for $35/piece. Sure, they have the same issues as the Missions, but on 100mm wide rims they work really well, and make it difficult to justify paying $175/tire for the Surly offerings.

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